Aquarius Love Tarot – Wanting to Get Out of This

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Your free Aquarius love tarot reading for December 2021 summary:

Oracle: You’re already doing it | Energies: silent; non-apologetic

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Current energies | Aquarius love tarot

Oracle | Aquarius love tarot

Aquarius Love Tarot - You're Already Doing It

Feeling like it’s an uphill battle? Fear not, dear Aquarius, because you are already doing the necessary steps to get out of it. Don’t worry about the destination and how ‘big’ your steps are. A step is still a step–even if you’re still in the planning phase. You’ll get there eventually.

If you came in here to get a piece of advice on how exactly can you move forward, then the best thing you can do is never entertain those oppressive thoughts. Just keep moving forward and stop overthinking. This Oracle card reminds you that you are on the right track and you are exactly where you need to be.

Things do not need to move at a fast speed, because what you pick up along the way are substantial bits to help you gain traction. Now is not the time to be impatient, but to walk steady, Oracle asserts.

This is an affirmation that you are already on steady ground. Even if it’s still on your mind (intending to leave/move forward), you are stirring this to be your reality. It’s not about trusting the universe to help you because you really don’t need to ask for this. Rather, it’s about trusting yourself that you can manifest this. The desire is there–hold onto it and visualize it so it becomes your reality.

Redirect those tempting overthinking vibes into something that would make your journey faster (if you really care about the destination) by simply making it a habit to set an intention daily.

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2 of Swords

Two of Swords

A difficult must be made, and you might be avoiding it. You are getting in your own way.

There are two choices with comparable consequences. You might be caught between two competing sides or find yourself overwhelmed with unwelcome external input.

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Page of Cups

Page of Cups

There is an embodied childlike excitement at prospective emotional connections. This card indicates wonder and appeals to the part of you that indulges in following your dreams.

You or someone around you is immature and unable to properly address emotional problems. A lack of self-love and self-confidence is evident, and it asks you to examine moments of petulant selfishness.

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3 - Empress

The Empress (Major Arcana)

This indicates the satisfaction of natural desires through careful cultivation and mindful stewardship.

You must reassess your priorities. You may have overwatered your roots, and it will soon rot.

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