Have Abundance Mindset Now: 5 Ways

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How to Manifest Abundance Now

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everybody’s bank accounts so bad that you begin to wonder whether you can even recover before the year ends. And then you get your life coach tell you to shift into an abundance mindset, so you can actually recuperate from your losses.

The dangers of this advice is that it doesn’t come too easy to shift mindset, as if tapping into one’s unlimited potential can be done overnight. Easier said than done, I hear you. The idea of mind training to make something happen sounds too far-fetched that it might actually be a lot easier if you just wait out for a divine intervention instead.

While I totally agree that it takes practice to shift to an abundance mindset, it may come as a surprise to you that the steps do not actually require training, and yes you can do it now.

In this post, I will not tell you to do the mind training part, because there is a wide body of knowledge out there (best bet: do meditation and read inspirational articles). But I offer these practical hacks you can execute at your disposal. First, I will give a brief run-through about this mindset.

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Abundance Mindset: What is it?

Abundance is not only money. Money is just one of the physical manifestations of abundance. Having the mindset is actually the energetic machinery to manifest money. 

Abundance mindset is a positive way of thinking and feeling towards abundance. Sometimes it’s just a perspective that what you already have is enough. Hence, your perception automatically does the shift, if not the first step towards abundance. And you act in ways to allow an unrestricted and healthy ebb and flow of generous energies.

You create lack when you think lack. Like a valve stopper, a lack mindset restricts flow of positive energies such as abundance. Energy flows. You won’t receive if you fear that the resources are not enough. There is always enough for everbody. Think about the earth–it knows how to balance, and it never runs out of resources for us.

But how do you actually work with energy? You align yourself with it. The fastest way, of course is to be in high vibe, which is how you communicate with the universe energetically. 

So, how do we actually have abundance mindset now, if energy-work takes practice?

1. Say yes to everything… and give thanks

When was the last time you heard an inner voice telling you to say yes to declutter, call your mom, communicate with an old friend, or accept an offer? Perhaps fear went ahead of your “yes”, and you did not have enough confidence to say “yes” to any of these. 

black and white image of raising hand

Saying yes to that overwhelming nudge opens you to opportunities. Whether you consider these as tasks or challenges, these are opportunities nonetheless. Why are entrepreneurs rich? Because they see everything as opportunity.

I will never forget the golden advice of Saatchi and Saatchi’s executive creative director, about the fundamentals of making the most of yourself: 

“Whatever it is on your desk right now, that’s the one. Make it the best you possibly can.”

Paul Arden
It’s Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want to Be

Whatever it is that comes your way, say yes, and be grateful. Because saying yes brings you in alignment to receive. If you send the universe that you are open to receiving, then much will be given. Universe sometimes will test you out, and it will present opportunities you will hardly notice. 

Accepting these opportunities as they appear translate to lessons, and lessons translate to personal growth. And that’s a win-win scenario to perceive growth as abundance too.

2. It’s not all about the money

I have explained before this list that abundance is not confined to money. You are also operating in the scarcity mindset if you are a slave for the money. Which means, you work for the money, not for the value you give. 

There’s a thin line between adding value to others with a pure intention, and marketing that you add value. The former does it out of enjoyment, while the latter comes with expectations. While it’s best to put yourself out there, when you do it for the sake of asking for something in return, it defeats the purpose of the reward. If you just add value to others out of sheer pleasure, you allow the added value work for you in return. The universe is just so clever to play with, right? 

The most important part of any abundance manifestation practice is, throwing it out in the universe. Trust. And it has nothing to do with working for somebody. It is just doing your thing, without expectation of the “return on investment”. And this is where the brain training advice of “shift your perspective” comes in. Adding value translates to connectedness, and connectedness is abundance too.

black and white image of girl friends tending a pig - pig = wealth

3. Work with (not on) your gifts

Trick the universe with your gifts

Sometimes it just takes for you to recognize what you have, and give it away. I say work with your gifts, not “on”, because you don’t need some working. You have all that you need to receive abundance. The only thing that’s required of you is to own it, and tell the universe you are ready to receive through it.

Just like advertising, you will position yourself as abundant (take note: it doesn’t have to be real). This is energetically sending the universe a message that you are this type. You don’t have to be a millionaire to tell the universe this, because universe does not understand earthly stuff!

What the universe understands is energy, like feelings. Feel as if you are filled with gifts. To work on that materially, this is where “appreciation of what you have” comes in. Bask in those feelings as if whatever you own is the best yet. This is what the universe understands, and this tricks the universe. Hence, the universe will immediately get it, and confirm that yes, you are on the payroll. 

Have Abundance Mindset Now: on money - coins
Own your gifts, and give it away

What are your traits that you often receive compliments on? Are you one of those people gifted with singing, or dancing prowess? Or are your gifts skills-based, such as writing, drawing, or cooking? Sit on it, think about it. You are already abundant with those. Now, if abundance means money to you, then those gifts would be your capital. Allow it to grow.

Monetizing your gifts does not necessarily mean that you should pay for a site to market yourself. You don’t even need to hire an employee to market you, because you have it all in your hands. You can do that, sure, but assuming you are in the energy of “not having enough resources,” then talk it out with your friends on how you can, let’s say, cook for them for a small amount. You can sing and dance all the way through TikTok, and your following will open you for opportunities to earn in the long run. 

Abundance only needs you to get yourself out there, so the universe will receive the message that yes, you are ready to receive. Explore these gifts and learn to love it (if you haven’t yet), and then forget about everything. 

black and white image of happy chefs
Your gifts are other people’s sources of envy

This is where the endless advice of “be grateful” comes in. If you’re still having a hard time about identifying your gifts, and you feel that you really have nothing, let’s dwell on to the tangible: look around you. Declutter. What are the items you don’t need? Let it go and give it away. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Allow others to receive gifts (which may appear as trash to you). 

Another easy feat: give attention. Listen actively, speak freely, cook for others. Give attention to the material possessions you own–appreciate. Know that you are wealthy.

The energy of giving something away opens the energy of receiving something in return. This is making space for something new. It keeps the energy flowing. It’s as if you are an open container, allowing you to catch new ones. It’s not about giving others so you will be rewarded, but more of giving yourself the gift of creating space for new. That brings joy, don’t you think?

As you add value to others and come from a sense of joy, everything else follows.

4. Enjoy the work

mice cooking, hanging clothes

Enjoyment is what master manifestors teach us: throw it out to the universe, and detach from the outcome. Detaching from the outcome seems a lot of work, because you will have to fight your brain into monitoring your progress. However, if you enjoy it, it feels so natural and effortless, and so you attract what you desire.

5. You are enough.

girl hugging earth - you are enough

Your counselors often say this: “You are enough”. But most of the time, you just can’t feel it enough in your body that would make you actually believe it. Abundance mindset means that you are fully imbibing this energy. But if you cannot fully understand this, does it mean that you will never be abundant? No. Because there is always that route (which is my favorite) of: fake it ’til you make it.

Think about the gifts you give out to others (like in point #3). Whatever it is that you are thinking to give out is worthy of the receiver, because it is worthy of you too. Just like in parenthood, your baby deserves to be brought out of the world, because he/she deserves you too. That’s why they are gifts. We all are.

You are worthy to receive whatever it is you desire. The energetic blocks may be coming from you–this could be feelings of lack: of resources, skills, or talents.

Do you love Facebook? You may have a pretty huge amount of following and friends–that’s abundance too. But do you set the bar for yourself based on how other’s standards? One could run the risk to feel envy and jealousy via Facebook too. So be wary, as these are emotions may be taking over your abundance mindset, because your success metrics are not your own, but of other’s glories.

You are worthy of all the gifts offered, and will be offered to you. Accept it.

So, where do we go from here?

I am no master, but I love practicing the art of manifestation. To seal an abundance meditation, I always affirm and believe that it is already done, even if it hasn’t yet.

Envision what you want, and act as if it is already in your life. And most importantly, don’t forget to open the door for yourself, because it could be as easy as the act itself. /highfive!

If this post is something you are practicing or wish to practice, thank you. But if you wish to take another route and desire to be guided on how to shift into an abundance mindset, check out my book recommendations below. You may also want to practice meditation via Insight Timer, the yet-unbeaten meditation app for me (I manifested multiple times through the classes here!). If you wish to know more about this app, you may check out my in-depth review here–it’s entirely free!

How do you work with an abundance mindset, or abundance in general? Feel free to share it with me through the comments down below!

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Bella · July 18, 2020 at 8:31 am

The human mind is great place where so many things that we would do pass through before it comes into action, and I feel this article have done a great job in helping us know how to help our minds get better and positive outcome. Indeed money is not everything that defines abundance as having a great mind is one of the key factors to helping you do well in business and get a good outcomes. Cheers

    A · July 18, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    I agree with you. The mind works wonders, and sometimes abundance is something we think or just feel. I hope you are feeling abundance in more ways other than money, and may you bring in more abundance too, as how you perceive it to be. Thank you Bella for dropping by! 🙂

Kingsking · July 19, 2020 at 5:33 am

Awesome, the pandemic indeed has caused a lot of havoc not just in different people’s account but also in the economy, it affected almost everything, even some people has given up, they have lost all hope, saying Yes is a good mind set but sometimes it is very difficult to say and sometimes most people do not believe in themselves, they believe that they are never enough, all this thought takes place in the mind, i think if the mind is right, the thinking and every other thing will be ok..Thanks for this amazing post

    A · July 19, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    We should always believe we are enough, right? Thank you, @Kingsking for dropping by. 🙂

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