How to Spark Change: 5 Takeaways from the Reiki Conference 2020

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Manila’s Reiki Conference 2020 is special for two reasons: 1) it was done in celebration of Mikao Usui‘s birthday (August 15), and 2) it was done virtually.

From a participant’s perspective, the event worked flawlessly knowing that the organizers are traversing the unknown and the novel path of online event management. Reiki conference 2020 is just the second national conference in Manila, and I’m glad to reconnect with the high vibin’ collective this time around. 

Reiki Conference 2020 - Manila edition

I am here to share my top 5 takeaways from the event. It is, of course, a subjective experience, just like how Reiki is. For you dear one, who may not be familiar with Reiki but coincidentally landed on this post, you may check out what Reiki is all about as it means to me, as well as my journal entry about its magic, at least in my personal life.

Reiki conference 2020 is all about healing and transformation. Right off the bat, my main takeaway is that healing transcends the virtual space. Moreover, the collective consciousness with the intention to manifest Reiki in societal healing holds so much power that it can actually spark an unusual revolution. Consequently, this blog post is my response to that call towards the vision to mainstream the Reiki practice.

So, here are my 5 takeaways from the Reiki national conference 2020.

1. A true master is about growth, not just teaching

Reiki Master-Teacher (RMT) Olivia Veloso fluently articulated this: regardless of our Reiki practice, we must keep our light and connect with the universal energy. Vibrant and filled with radiance, she also invited us to resonate with the Reiki Master we have chosen.

As a master of 8 systems, she clarified that Usui is not the first one to use Reiki that has something to do with “mysterious” and “healing”. Like a true master, she elucidated how the judgment of other systems may serve as a pitfall of our own practice. 

As a devoted Gendai Reiki master, she encouraged all of us to heal our minds and our connection with the universe, and to perceive Reiki as a spiritual path. Being a true master should be in terms of time and practice. Moreover, self-transformation is the simplest but could be our greatest contribution to the society.

Reiki Conference 2020 speaker: Reiki Master-Teacher Olivia Veloso

In a bigger picture, change is an “inside job” after all. I am not a Reiki Master-Teacher, but this one struck a chord so harmoniously it reverberates through me. I am such a sucker for self-transformation and personal growth, that I have never identified myself with one professional career.

2. Heal through equality, not oppression

How do you feel when you hear extrajudicial killings? Now, imagine if you were in a position to bring healing to the families left behind. How does it feel? This is what Ms. Jean Enriquez regularly deals with. When I heard her talk about the kind of work that she does, I can’t help but think that women are incredibly amazing creatures.

Healing through the lens of equality, not oppression, is something I will never forget from her. Instantaneously, I reflected on ways I am and can practice empathy. She raised the question, “How do we bring healing to the oppressed?” While it sounds like a rhetorical question, it was one good point for reflection that strongly invoked a call to action. 

While a cultural revolution necessitates a united approach, she emphasized the importance of self-care to be a woman in social work and development. A courageous collective approach may be needed, but cultural foibles deserve a healthy discussion sparked by authenticity and respect.

In the same vein, I can’t help but reflect on the historical principles of feminism as a worldview–it’s not about resistance nor endurance, but it’s nurturing and love.

Reiki Conference 2020 speaker: Jean Enriquez

3. Take your own measure of suffering, and take it with dignity

Teacher Eileen Tupaz facilitated the self-healing session filled with wisdom. With her calm voice and demeanor, she reminded us that we are also creatures of the earth, and not only spirits of the heavens. 

Sometimes we get too encumbered with the mundane, that we overlook the simplicity of asking our hearts what it is we need today. I have re-acquainted myself with the value of presence and the wisdom of my soul through this 40-minute session. 

While there were a lot more affirmations that energized my soul, it was this statement that seeped through my etheric body. Likewise, it gave the warmest hug to my heart.

My heart is never anxious in the midst of uncertain times, but through this statement, I felt a loving reconnection with my inner child. And for that, I was, and am grateful.

Reiki Conference 2020 speaker: Reiki Master-Teacher Eileen Tupaz

Gratitude side note: I received my first degree Reiki attunement from Teacher Aisa Jarales-Hewlett, through my favorite yoga studio, White Space Wellness. Teacher Eileen co-founded this yoga studio with Teacher Abbey Rivadelo.

4. Think of service first, and the money would follow

How do you manifest abundance? You start by service. When you serve people, you serve yourself. Hence, look at the opportunities to serve your company. These are the values not only businesses need to thrive in this era, and Mr. Winston Lim (Managing Director, Abenson and Waltermart) discussed this confidently. He even shared how he sought the approval of Teacher Sarah, his Reiki mentor, on how he conducts his workshops. I learned so much about humility through his talk, and not just about abundance.

The insights shared were very reminiscent of my recent reflection about being The Buddha and the Badass. CEOs and visionaries should care about humanity, community, advocacies, and self-growth.

The world is now at an evolutionary period where service, compassion, love, and equanimity trump financial goals. Sir Winston also quoted Richard Branson, whom Vishen Lakhiani in The Buddha and the Badass personally interviewed.

Reiki Conference 2020 speaker: Winston Lim

Pro tip from Sir Winston: expect to get apples from the apple tree you planted. And if it bears fruit, use it, even not its entirety. Let the energy flow, and keep it going. Money is energy!

5. Hilot deserves rediscovery, if not promotion

The New Age era opened the world to plant-based and herbal medicine, which has been practiced in the Philippines for ages. I have seen spiritual gurus flaunt a Ph.D. in herbal medicine, but this title may seem trivial to the albularyos of the Philippines.

I have witnessed a mumbaki do a half-day ritual, a babaylan heal during a festival, and a Mambabarang concoct a potion in Siquijor. However, I still feel embarrassed about being ignorant of them. Hence, I joined this session with the intention to dive deeper. 

I was grateful to learn that Hilot is also analogous to a Reiki ritual, from invocation, to cutting cords, to the prayer or orasyon. It’s not just a massage, but a healing ritual, wherein sensitivity to the needs of others is much more significant than the relaxation part. I am grateful to Teacher John, whose lecture reminded me to work on my readiness to take a Hilot class! 

Reiki Conference 2020 speaker: John Nagas

I have included this in my top 5 takeaways because I believe hilot deserves mainstreaming too. The knowledge surrounding hilot seems to remain geographically limited and stacked inside Filipiniana sections of a library. Grateful for John (and Ms. Hilda Narciso) in bringing this healing modality in an urban landscape.

Final thoughts

I have always said that I never thought how tangibly love could be, until I became a Reiki practitioner. At a time that vitriol flourishes, it is the most opportune time to seek higher understanding through the Reiki virtues.

The Reiki conference 2020 reconnected the lightworkers who are willing to embrace change, inasmuch as they are proponents of societal transformation. 

I have only tackled the sessions that I have attended and resonated most. So, these takeaways are just the tip of the iceberg. Before I end, I would like to send out to the universe my appreciation of the water, air, fire, earth rituals led by some of the formidable healers of today.

These rituals with Teachers EA Torrado (Daloy Dance Company), Yeyette San Luis (Oyayi Sound Healing), Aisa Jarales-Hewlett (Cosmic Healer), Leah Tolentino (Ginhawa), and Tonette Asprer and Isla Antinero (V432 Wellness) felt so otherworldly, that “enriching” seemed an understatement to describe the sessions. 

All of the conference sessions fuelled our loving intentions. Likewise, it reminded us of our oneness and connectedness with the universal force, as well as the divine within. Once again, my top 5 takeaways are:

  1. A true master is about growth, not just teaching
  2. Heal through equality, not oppression
  3. Take your own measure of suffering, and take it with dignity
  4. Think of service first, and the money would follow
  5. Hilot deserves rediscovery, if not promotion

Reiki practitioner or not, I invite you to reflect on these insights. How do you see yourself in the greater scheme of things? Do any of these resonate with you?

If I may add, willingness to change one’s self is healing in its own right. As Teacher Tonette puts it, we are all geniuses. /highfive!

To learn more about Reiki and be part of future conferences, you may follow Reiki Wellness Manila. Please feel free to share your experience through the comments section below! Namaste.

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thank you for this… I am not sure …did I miss reading this last year? thank you so much.

    A · October 2, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks Teach for being here! You shared the image with T’Eileen’s quote last year. 🙂

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