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Your free Scorpio love tarot reading for December 2021 summary:

Oracle: Pause. Say no. | Energies: depressive; patience

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Current energies | Scorpio love tarot

Oracle | Scorpio love tarot

Scorpio Love Tarot - NO

There is a sense of calm and inner peace around you, dear Scorpio. Trust this and stay with it. However, you may also feel that pressure for you to act on this quickly, which you don’t have to do right now.

Just pause right now. Saying YES if you don’t even feel like saying or doing it is dishonoring yourself. Timing is everything, Oracle says, and not receiving clear guidance right now is actually guidance in itself.

The waiting period can be agonizing, but think of it as an opportunity for you to 1) learn patience, and 2) discover something new. That Star card in your reading speaks of healing and being at peace. Even though you are hurting, there is a willingness to break free. That pain, when confronted, can actually be liberating. 

Shift your attention to your creative energies (as what the Star card also invites you to do), and trust that those energies will transform your life beyond your imagination. The right time for movement will come exactly when you are ready to dive in, Oracle asserts. You are the psychic intuitive, dear Scorpio, so trust yourself that you will know when your next move will be.

Slow movement is still movement, and down time is still time. Time in its essence is a gift. So, use it wisely. Just connect with your intuition to show you the way.

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Star Spinner back of card
5 of Wands

Five of Wands

This represents tension. There might be some compelling disagreements in your life, and nobody seems willing to compromise.

You refuse to engage in difficult conversations for fear of disturbing the status quo. You would rather avoid conflict than accept it.

Star Spinner back of card
Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

You or someone around you has garnered a reputation for being reliable. Meticulous and hardworking, this person is good at what he/she does exactly in his/her position, and he/she does not seek opportunities to advance.

You or someone around you is willing to cut corners and take the easy way out. It might be wise to step back and either rediscover what made you passionate about what you do, or find something more fulfilling.

Star Spinner back of card
Page of Wands

Page of Wands

You or someone around you is an eager and enthusiastic personality, full of ardent curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas.

Though you have earnestly longed to pursue something new, life keeps getting in the way. Your potential remains untapped.

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