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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for November 2021 summary:

Oracle: A new way of being. Integration. | Current energy: attachment

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Current energies | Taurus love tarot 

Oracle | Taurus love tarot 


A new way of being is around you. And Spirit invites you to pay attention to this because you might be attached to where you were in the past. Which aspect of your past that you know needs to stay there but you keep on coming back to? You are in a period of shift, so be open.

During this time of transition and awakening, Spirit invites you to devote yourself to being of service, Oracle says. Channel your creativity to manifest. You may need to focus on a new idea that rises through your consciousness, and not obsess about what has happened in the past.

You can also see this as a reminder for you to act on the changes that occur. There is no way but up, so view all these changes as signposts to where you should be.

Work Your Light Activation:

Whisper these words as you look at this card, “I surrender to my awakening. I allow the Shakti energy to rise from the base of my spine. I open myself up to the Universe using me in a way that delights my mind, body, and spirit.”

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Ten of Swords

There is a painful conclusion, a harsh defeat. You were set up for failure, yet you continually toiled in futility.

You are in a bad situation, but your fear of change is stronger than your willingness to solve the problems at hand. Instead of doing the difficult work of confronting your fears, you let it drag on endlessly.

King of Cups

The King represents patience, compassion, and stewardship. You or someone around you is intentional about addressing strong and unruly emotions with great sensitivity and care, and guides you toward emotional maturity and levelheadedness in trying times, particularly where a diplomatic and even-handed response is required.

There is emotional abuse and manipulation around you. You or someone around you is selfish, temperamental, and vindictive. This person may be leveraging guilt to get what they want, and shifting blame on others when things go wrong.

King of Wands

Thriving under pressure, the King of Wands is at the helm of every new project, and relishes in the duty and responsibility of that leadership.

Rash and domineering, the King of Wands in reverse maybe a charismatic leader, but he is prone to arrogance.

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