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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for February 2021 summary:

Oracle: I acknowledge that harboring resentment blocks the flow of love | Energies: stuck; struggling

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You can never flow with your natural energy of love unless you release the negative energy of hate, anger, intolerance, or blame, Oracle says. There are external forces out of your control, and perhaps the universe has been waiting for you to surrender. Trust the process, and forgive your person for their misgivings. In the same vein, forgive yourself for being too hardworking, impatient, or demanding. What you can only control is how your respond to how others act around you.

Forgiveness is such a powerful force that can bring in a new beginning for you. The stalled energies around you may be coming from resistance and lack of acceptance about how your person (or the people around you) are not as intelligent, stable, and abundant as you. Allow yourself to experience a clean slate, so that love can flourish.


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