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Aries daily love oracle

Welcome to your free online oracle reading. This is your Aries daily love oracle for 22 Jun 2020, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign. Although created for this date, it is noteworthy to also consider that time is fluid, and you may pick up inspirational spiritual messages from this oracle reading, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. Please take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow’s message is the one for you.

I base my readings from jump cards, which I physically shuffle, while being surrounded by the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency, consequently for love messages to raise vibration frequencies.

We begin with two (2) drawn tarot cards from the Shadowscapes deck, for current energies. While interchangeable, we start off with your current energy (left). The one on the right is the current energy of the person you’re dealing with: it may be your partner, the person on your mind, the person you’re eyeing to date, or the person who might be coming towards you. Next is the Oracle guidance for you. I primarily use the Rumi Oracle deck, but it could vary, depending on how I would be intuitively guided.

I encourage you to zoom into the cards, and let them speak to you. My interpretation is not the right and only way to read it. Sometimes the answers come to you just by allowing. I acknowledge that the pieces of advice I offer are unsolicited, but I hope it could reach someone who might need help today. So, let’s begin!

Do you deal with feelings of regret?

Aries daily love oracle reading - 6/22/2020

The analysis-paralysis card, 9 of Swords gives a sorrowful vibe, feeling tormented by previous circumstances. You are probably dealing with a loss, or experiencing lack of sleep for the past few weeks because of someone currently at distance from you. Quite understandable because of the worldwide pandemic, but I feel like this card speaks more than just social distancing, but more of a long-term or permanent end between the two of you. I am also getting the vibe of longingness, either by missing your partner, or it could even be holding onto something dear to you but some sense of a blunt truth slaps you in the face with, “We were not meant to be”. Maybe circumstances do not permit, or not the right time.

Sometimes Aries individuals are ruthless, but maybe that’s what makes this painful for you, because perhaps you are now at the receiving end of some ruthless fact. Maybe a breakup, or the person you’re dealing with chose another person? Or hey, maybe they just chose themselves? Current energy of your partner is the 10 of Cups, reversed. It is, frankly, a “no” card, so either the person you’re dealing with moved away, or tried to take a distance from you. It feels like they need (maybe just want) to deal with other issues–either family, or their self. And if it is their self they choose to work on, it is with deep pain that you have no choice but to let go.

The person you’re dealing with is working towards acceptance, and has made steps in exploring other possibilities. While they feel saddened by some sort of taking a break with you, they are nearing the period of acceptance. I feel that once they overcome that exploration (maybe self-exploration?), they are considering meeting you once again. Like a fresh start. In divine time.

You are very much up in your head (Swords) and the person you’re dealing with is coming from their heart space (Cups). While Cups signify emotions, it might mean that the person you’re dealing with is nearing, or have already been in full understanding that this connection needs a break and it’s time to explore other possibilities.

So, how do we move forward? What does Oracle would like to tell you?

You are invited to enter wonderland.

Aries daily love oracle reading - 6/22/2020

Let me share to you the first poem from the card, A New Gown, which appears to be an affirmation of what you might be dealing with at the current moment:

Weary and consumed by longing,
I was caressed by my beloved last night.
My wounded soul was set free,
when I tasted the sweetness of love.


And what could bring solace to your current situation:

Love said, “Don’t feel so hopeless,
my weary and gloomy one,
for my generosity is beyond
forgetting those devoted to me.”

All these three cards give a glimmer of hope: don your new gown–a cloak of dignity and royalty–then stomp to the rhythm of your own heart, as you enter a new garden ready to be explored, if (and only if) you take that step forward. If your heart’s rhythm does not feel ecstatic, that’s okay. Acknowledge its mellow mood, and slowly dance to its caressing vibe.

Love, reciprocated or not, gives the power of new vision. It does not come in the image of just one person. Soulmates even come in various packages and in various timetables, just like a time-release fertilizer for that flower we await to bloom. You are called to get in touch with your senses, and imagine a sensual garden right in your heart. “Your heart will take wings,” Rumi affirms. The sanctuary is there, and allow those nurturing energies within you don that cloak and own the sweeter dance of divine being and becoming.

A new day dawns for you.


Aries daily love oracle reading - 6/20/2020

Lemuria is a heaven on earth. This card sends you the message that before anything else around us would come into healing, we must first heal ourselves. We might get deluded into thinking that no such beauty exists within our reach, but it is, and it starts within.

Place your hands onto your heart center and visualize your royal gown now adorning you, and say to your self,

“I cast aside lesser crowns.”

Please take time to acknowledge where you are right now, and may this message act like a tiny nudge for you that yes, you can get past through that, and yes, it is just the beginning. All that have left us carry a message that was designed to reach out in the future. And that future will only come if we take just a small step from where we are today. Lemuria and the Garden of Delights await!

Hope to see you tomorrow, dear Aries! /highfive

A READING BY A | 22 JUN 2020

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments! 


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