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High Fives High Vibes is your daily resource of oracle love readings per zodiac, timeless tarot readings, and divinely guided messages for whoever needs it. This site is dedicated to help you work on being high vibes. All readings are done intuitively and are free.

If you’re feeling low, there is somebody out there who can help you, and may I be that human to you today. 

It all starts with self-awareness. My primary intention is to contribute to the highest good of all, one post (/highfive!) at a time. Each post offers healing guidance and encouragement, so you can raise your own vibration. A virtual pat in the back (my /highfive!) may sometimes be all that we need to be a better version of ourselves, or just to get it through today.

A from High Fives High Vibes

I am Anj (please call me “A”), a certified Usui Reiki Okuden Level II energy healer, yogi, tarot reader, crystal devotee, and meditation practitioner. All my insights for reflection come from how I connect with energies. My gift in accessing intuitive guidance is combined–both visual and kinesthetic. My meditation coach describes me as a master manifestor, and advised that I should start mentoring others. Hence this site, which is clearly one of those manifestations.

I am also an independent filmmaker, so I would love to share relevant snippets of my sacral chakra creations. My cinematic voice is transcendental.

You are exactly where you need to be.

You have stumbled upon High Fives High Vibes for a reason, and maybe it is this moment that you need some quick fix, if not answers.

I cannot give you precise answers, but I can help you discover it.

My story may resonate with you.

I discovered yoga and meditation in my 30s, when I hit rock bottom and at my lowest vibe. I was controlling and less graceful. My friends accept my flaws, so I was unaware about how I could’ve hurt people around me. I felt successful, but I was not kind. And so I was slapped with a major karma, and that marked the end of nurturing my shadow self.

In a serendipitous moment, I ended up in a yoga studio. It propelled my transformation. Next thing I knew, I attended yoga and meditation classes every day. I practiced just for the sake of, and in a short period, I felt positively different (as all yogis have said). It led to deeper self-discovery. The student was ready, and so my mentors came. I found my soul tribe.

In a month, I was surprised to have healed (plus I got myself a Moldavite). In less than a year, my life turned around 180 degrees. I transformed into a better version of myself. I manifested all of my desires. All those around me described a sense of calm and healing coming from me–either from my aura, the responses I give, or the actions I chose.

I often get asked about being in high vibe, and with shyness, my default answer is, “Really? [of course I’m fishing!] Because I don’t know.” So I created this site to write down reflections. Besides having a ready answer for another round of that question, I intend that my quest for joy and growth may contribute to the joy and growth of all.

As I continue to unlock other spiritual gifts, my goal is to pay it forward.

You don’t need to have it in hefty price.

Being mentored may seem to be a privilege and with a cost, so it is for this reason I’ve created this site. 

High Fives High Vibes‘ goal is to guide your practice towards tuning into yourself, so you can fill your own cup.

When your cup is full, you are whole, and when you feel whole, you know that when life throws you lemons, you can make the perfect lemonade!
Let’s play and co-create with the universe!

You are here for a reason, and maybe this is your own serendipitous moment. The light in me sees and honors the light in you. Thank you for allowing me to virtually share my insights with you. /highfive!

To more high vibes,


Founder of High Fives High Vibes

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