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Your free Aries love tarot reading for February 2021 summary:

Oracle: I release any beliefs that no longer assist in my soul’s growth | Energies: stubborn; patience

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The energy of fear (i.e., fear of missing out) has many guises to complicate your path because guilt is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Moreover, guilt is a self-imposed emotion that pretends to be instructive and enlightening, Oracle asserts. So perhaps it might help you to ask yourself why are you pushing this idea? Is it coming from fear of missing out? Is it feeling guilty about not doing something to progress? Relax, dear one, because what’s meant for you will never pass you by.

Your person is very mature and knows how to calm you down. It may be inappropriate to say, but you may want to ask yourself, wouldn’t you feel more guilty if your person starts to resent giving you advice when you don’t want to listen most of the time?

Scan your current emotions and bring them to the surface for analysis. Is it healthy, or something irrational? Are you being too subjective and obsessed? If it is irrational (especially if your person says so), channel your innate courage to release it.


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