Aries Love Tarot – You are Their Source of Joy!

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Your free Aries love tarot reading for June 2022 summary:

Oracle: Creating heaven on earth | Energies: grounded; forthright

Reminders and surprises are in the video below. Thank you for visiting! I bow down to the light in you! – A  /highfive!

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Oracle cards are for everybody. No tarot certification is needed.

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Current energies | Aries love tarot 

Oracle | Aries love tarot 

Aries Love Tarot - Lemuria

They have found their match, and it is you, dear Aries. You are their source of joy—their guiding light—and they couldn’t ask for more. They used to be somebody who is strong-willed, highly opinionated (bordering oppressive), and because you came into their life, they see themselves as somebody who has changed to be the better!

While you may have issues in the past about the romantic aspect of your life, you are better than yesterday. Perhaps you have also chosen to let go of your “dark” past. You did your homework about making changes. Moreover, you learned acceptance. As a result, abundance is coming your way.

The presence of this person in your life seems to be a gift from the universe. Just be present and cherish it. 

You are creating a heaven on earth and it’s happening, Oracle says. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony where a mosquito was no worse than humans and the sun no better. You are the bearer of Lemuria within your own space–in your romantic situation or even in the community. Certainly you make people feel inspired by your presence. 

Keep doing what you’re doing, because as you continue shining, all the people around you shine too. Thank you for being you, Oracle says. 

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

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4 of Swords

Four of Swords

This indicates rest and reprieve. You have endured much, and you must take it upon yourself to retreat and recharge until you are better able to come back to your life.

You have attempted to power through trauma and adversity, to your detriment. You are plagued with a skittish restlessness that defies your weariness.

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Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

This is an opportunity to strengthen interpersonal connections. Now is a good time to pursue a new relationship, smooth out old tensions and forgive. Love of all kinds is the center of this card.

There is an imbalance of emotion. You are either utterly overwhelmed or are deeply repressing your feelings.

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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

You or someone around you is a poised and intellectually rigorous figure. This person adeptly gathers knowledge and uses every bit of information she can gather to guide her decisions.

You or someone around you might be unclear about where your biases are. Support network is cut off in a misguided effort to come to your own conclusions.

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