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Your free Cancer love tarot reading for February 2021 summary:

Oracle: I am learning that endings are merely beginnings | Energies: annoyed; playing around

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Just like how shit becomes fertilizer for plants to grow, any shitty experience is something for you to grow too. Death is an illusion, Oracle says. Certainly, losing something or feeling like failing at something means that you are growing.

There is resistant energy around you, so that could be a sign that there’s something that you need to allow in your life. The more you resist, the more you expend a huge chunk of energy towards the matter. That means, the more you allow yourself to be annoyed by another person (or a circumstance), the more you are surrendering your power over them.

Allow the death of resistant energies. There’s nothing wrong with surrendering to the universe. Death is merely about change, Oracle asserts, and stagnancy extinguishes progress. It’s time for expansion, and there could be a glorious opportunity beyond this annoying person/circumstance you are dealing with.


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