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Your free Cancer love tarot reading for September 2021 summary:

Oracle: I am learning that endings are merely beginnings | Energies: healing; flamboyance

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DEATH (Soul Journey Tarot) - Cancer Love Tarot

“Let it go” is easier said than done, I get you. But your friends may have been telling you this simply because you have been living under the illusion that death is the end of it all. The more you accept the fact that death means freedom and transformation, the faster you can heal. And when I say death, this could also mean the end of a romantic connection.

People come and go, and they go simply because you have learned (or are about to learn) the lesson. And you no longer need them in your life. Stagnancy extinguishes progress, Oracle says. Moreover, it is time to move beyond familiarity and expand into new horizons of learning and development.

You can distract yourself or chase after someone all you want, but understand that they have free will too. If they choose to go without you, then allow them. Thank their presence in your life, and hope that their absence will allow you to discover new paths you never knew existed. 

When we don’t let go of people who no longer have to be in our lives, we equally don’t give space for something better. This becomes excess baggage. If you don’t heal this, it will haunt you until you face it head-on. 

When people leave, believe that it’s just the beginning for you. There are better experiences to come.

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3 - Empress

The Empress (Major Arcana)

This indicates the satisfaction of natural desires through careful cultivation and mindful stewardship.

You must reassess your priorities. You may have overwatered your roots, and it will soon rot.

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King of Swords

King of Swords

The embodiment of intellectual authority. You or someone around you exercises logic and reason, honoring histories, legality, and tact.

The King of Swords in this position warns of an abuse of power and authority. You might be ruled by bias, convincing yourself that your unfounded personal notions are objective facts. Others might be abusing their relationships with you and you might feel used, but are unsure why.

Star Spinner back of card
2 of Swords

Two of Swords

A difficult must be made, and you might be avoiding it. You are getting in your own way.

There are two choices with comparable consequences. You might be caught between two competing sides or find yourself overwhelmed with unwelcome external input.

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