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Cancer Love Tarot

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Your free Cancer love tarot reading for July 2023 summary:

Oracle: Mending | Energies: willpower; feeling positive

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Current energies | Cancer Tarot 

Oracle | Cancer Tarot

Cancer Tarot - Mending

Now is the time to reclaim your power, dear Cancer. If you ever feel remorse for your past actions, it’s time to release yourself from those thoughts and start with forgiveness. It’s time to make amends—and it may not be about others, but with yourself.

Forgiveness is necessary right now for you to move forward. Closing your heart is not the answer, so Oracle suggests asking yourself:

What would Love do?

If you hate yourself for your past misgivings, think about how would a beloved act towards you.

Losing relationships as a result of past mistakes is a strange healer of souls. Loss allows us to see ourselves as part of a larger scheme and opens us up to empathy, and acknowledgment that we cannot do it alone. And so Oracle asks, how can your sorrow break your heart wide open?

If you resonate with gambling addiction, here are possible steps to work on it:

  1. Acknowledge the problem: Be honest with yourself and recognize that gambling has become a problem in your life.
  2. Seek professional help: Consider seeking professional help from a licensed therapist or counselor who specializes in addiction. They can provide you with the support, guidance, and tools you need to overcome the issue.
  3. Join a support group: Joining a support group can be helpful in dealing with gambling addiction. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, receive encouragement, and learn from others who have overcome similar challenges.
  4. Limit your exposure to gambling: This may mean avoiding places where gambling is prevalent, such as casinos or online gambling sites.
  5. Develop healthy coping mechanisms: This may include practicing mindfulness, engaging in physical activity, or finding creative outlets for your emotions.

Remember that it is a process that takes time and effort. But with the right support and resources, it is possible to overcome this challenge and lead a fulfilling life free from addiction.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
6 - The Lovers (LGBTQIA+)

The Lovers (Major Arcana)

This card heralds healthy partnerships, unions born of consent and enthusiasm.

A cycle of mutual desire and beneficence is broken, leaving one or all involved parties feeling incomplete and bereft. 

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5 of Cups

Five of Cups

You have gone to great lengths to pursue that which you love, and too many things have gone wrong. Your passions have yielded sharp disappointment and regret. A once beloved thing has turned sour.

Everyone has disappointments in love and friendship, but you find yourself at a breaking point. You are emotionally drained and unable to reconcile your present weariness with the pursuit of those bonds you treasure.

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2 of Cups

2 of Cups

This refers to a healthy and mutually beneficial unity. It bodes well for partnerships of all kinds, from romantic relationships to business partnerships, striking a healthy balance between the pair and the individuals.

There is an imbalance of emotional investment in the partnership. It warns of unfair, tense, or temporary unions.

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