Capricorn Love Tarot – You Want It Your Way

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Capricorn Love Tarot

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Your free Capricorn love tarot reading for March 2023 summary:

Oracle: What are you clinging to? | Your energy: pushy and enthusiastic about your own idea

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The Crumbling - Capricorn Love Tarot

It seems like you want it your way, Capricorn. Perhaps you want to make things happen, but life just gets in the way.

Don’t push it, Spirit says.

Here’s a reminder to not carry everything on your own, Capricorn. Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for help and receive it graciously. Moreover, if your person doesn’t want to be on board with you, don’t take it against them.

When you’re in the thick of it, it can feel like a personal attack. Have faith because the difficult times will be your defining moments. Maybe others are incapable of helping you right now, but you have to channel the grace to accept it as it is.

Release beliefs that limit you

Understanding yourself and your emotions requires great courage and strength. This journey is yours to take, and your partner has nothing to do with it. Let them focus on themselves which is what they have been doing. In the long run, your individual journeys toward self-awareness will be transformed into pure love that will overflow and will be equally shared.

The universe is offering you a powerful ally in this journey, and it’s time to take the steps necessary for self-healing. That means, being at peace with others’ choices. You do not have to be in control of everything, but you do have the power to choose.

Believe in your capability to make it right, without pushing others to be on the same path as you. Of course, you are in a partnership, so you expect them to be with you side by side. But the universe invites you right now to wield your own wand and let go of frustration and expectations.

How can you be curious about something uncertain in your life right now? Channel excitement instead of anxiety over things that don’t go your way, and you will be totally fine.

A message for you

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Star Spinner back of card
9 of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Take some time to enjoy your financial gains. It might be an opportune time to splurge and treat yourself to something special. This card speaks to strong self-worth.

You are finding it difficult to imagine how you can be truly valuable. Your contributions and skills seem expendable, and your worth always feels negotiable.

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Page of Wands

Page of Wands

You or someone around you is an eager and enthusiastic personality, full of ardent curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas.

Though you have earnestly longed to pursue something new, life keeps getting in the way. Your potential remains untapped.

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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

You or someone around you is a proactive and curious individual. He is opinionated, but also a clear and intentional communicator.

The Knight of Swords in this position is possessive and singular in the pursuit of knowledge. There is little application and even less ethical consideration in your endeavors.

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