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Daily Tarot -

This is your free daily tarot card reading, a spiritual guidance tarot reading for whoever needs it. I physically shuffle my decks to arrive at this reading, and I take the jump cards most of the time. Please take only what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. If you are drawn to this post, there might be something here that you need to hear today.

So, Let’s begin!

Divine protector

Kali-ma - Keeper - 7142020

The Hindu goddess who embodies the divine feminine, Kali-ma, offers her light and energy to you today. Major spiritual changes await you. She is your spiritual guide who offers nurturing energies, but at the same time, an intense experience to undergo rebirth. Your courageous spirit is being awakened, so you can soar to the next phase of your life.

Your spread

Daily reading - 7142020
Knight of Pentacles (rev) | 4 of Swords (rev) | Queen of Swords

Past Knight of Pentacles (reversed) This is an epitome of a materialistic or lazy person in your midst. This could also mean apathy or boredom. If you are working on developing an idea, this person may not be willing to buckle down, and it got you thinking how to work around it. Consequently, it drained you.

Present – 4 of Swords (reversed) – The existence of this card beside the Knight of Pentacles in reverse makes the energy of exhaustion clear to me. This card in the upright means rest. As it appears reversed, it could mean that you are coming out of a regenerative state. You may have experienced burnout in the recent past, and you had no choice but to take a step back and recuperate.

Taking that decision to take a break could also be something that you are still considering to do. This reading comes to you with an affirmation to pause and allow yourself to breathe.

Future Queen of Swords – This is the best case scenario in this situation. The Queen of Swords signifies a detached, forthright energy. This could be you, who appears to be clearly setting her boundaries, if not saying no to someone. I hear “cutting the bullshit,” and it could mean that you are about to do this to resolve this intellectual conflict.

Oracle guidance

Loyal Heart - Wisdom oracle - 7132020

Spirit wants you to know that you have their loyalty. As a result, you are protected, and awesome plans lie ahead of you. You might be overly tenacious about an idea, and you are invited to let go of outdated beliefs and misplaced loyalties. The Knight of Pentacles may have been in your path to reflect back to you what you may have been obsessing about.

Kali-ma affirms your journey of rebirth, and your current energy (4 of Swords) is a reminder for you to take that step. Be loyal to your dreams, but be cautious about being too headstrong that you are not open to embrace change. Do it with class and sass, as you have the potential to embody the Queen of Swords.

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A gentle reminder from A

May each reading be for the highest good, and may my intuitive work contribute to the joy and freedom of all. While the magic of the Tarot lies with how it resonates with us, it is always best to exercise free will. Tarot is for fun, just as I feel the joy in connecting with my spirit guides as I interpret the cards. Tarot resembles the Hero’s Journey in Mythology, just as how these archetypes are used in the movies. We are all alchemists to transform our lives, and Tarot is just one way towards self-reflection. Do not be co-dependent on Tarot, k? K! /highfive!

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