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Daily Tarot -

This is your free daily tarot card reading, a spiritual guidance tarot reading for whoever needs it. I physically shuffle my decks to arrive at this reading, and I take the jump cards most of the time. Please take only what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. If you are drawn to this post, there might be something here that you need to hear today.

So, Let’s begin!

Divine guidance

Daily Tarot - Surrender - 8182020

The universe wants you to understand the difference between power and control. Let go of the need to control the external forces, because it is only an illusion. You have greater power when it comes to your inner narrative, and very little on others’. Every soul has a unique path that you should never dictate. Your job, however, is to acknowledge your own path. Be at peace with not taking things in your hands, because recognizing the universe’s power in the greater scheme of things is like opening yourself to receive unexpected gifts.

Energies from the Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot - King of Wands, Star, Temperance (reversed)- 8182020

Past: King of Wands – This is an energy of a spiritual elder–full of vision and wisdom. There was an intention set in the past, that has something to do with the passion to get things done.

Present: The Star – This card signifies hope and healing. This is a good omen about wishes coming true.

Future: Temperance (reversed) – Discord and frustration loom in the future. You will be feeling off-key, if not frustrated.

My interpretation of the daily tarot spread

Daily Tarot - Three of Swords - 8182020
Three of Swords

The energy of the King of Wands looks so positive–the future is bright, if I may say. But when I asked for the clarification and what this reading is all about, I got the Three of Swords. This has something to do with feeling heartbroken, if not grief.

While the King of Wands could be your energy who refocused on his/her passion, with the 3 of Swords it feels like it is a person from your past. You were involved with a person with unconquerable passion, and you are filled with hope to work a relationship with them. I can hear the phrase, “it just feels right,” so this could be what you felt towards this person.

However, it doesn’t feel like your feelings are reciprocated. Perhaps they weren’t ready when you came. Now, you are hoping that it will work out someday. You still remain hopeful about this situation that feels so synchronistic you are beginning to lose your reality (if not sanity!). Surrender to the will of the universe, your divine guidance says.

There is a possibility for you to feel that imbalance and frustration, just because you put too much hope upon this situation. To prevent that discord, Spirit invites you to let go of control and avoid anything in excess (i.e., overthinking, overindulgence). Trust your path, and refocus on yourself. The King of Wands might be in your reading simply because you need to channel your inner King of Wands–someone full of passion, vision, and mastery to temper unnecessary desires.

Daily Tarot Affirmation

Daily Tarot - Super Attractor - 8182020

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments!

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A gentle reminder from A

My intention every reading: May I speak the truth, may my interpretation be for the highest good, and may my intuitive work contribute to the joy and freedom of all.

While the magic of the Tarot lies with how it resonates with us, it is always best to exercise free will. Tarot is for fun, just as I feel the joy in connecting with my spirit guides as I interpret the cards. Tarot resembles the Hero’s Journey in Mythology, just as how these archetypes are used in the movies. We are all alchemists to transform our lives, and Tarot is just one way towards self-reflection. Do not be co-dependent on Tarot, k? K! /highfive!

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