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Daily Tarot -

If you feel like clicking on this, there might be something here that you need to hear today. This a free daily tarot card reading for whoever needs it. I physically shuffle my decks to arrive at this reading, and I take the jump cards most of the time. Please take only what resonates, and leave what doesn’t.

So, Let’s begin!


Daily tarot - Super Attractor card - 992020

Energies from the Daily Tarot

Daily tarot - 3-card spread - 992020

Past: The Hierophant (reversed) – Traditional belief systems may have not worked for you in the past, so perhaps you tried to veer away from those ways of thinking. You may have also challenged the status quo, if not an authoritative figure, and you tried to discover new philosophical approaches in life.

Present: Temperance – This card signifies the harmony between your giving and receiving energies. But this could also mean that as you discovered new ways of thinking, you are now incorporating novel ideas to your own belief system.

You are open to discovery and exploration, if not finding meaning in life.

Future: Hanged Man (reversed) – You run the risk of giving too much for other people. This is a card of needless sacrifice, and maybe a reminder for you to be mindful about a future situation that may leave you feeling stuck.

My Interpretation of the Daily Tarot Spread

Daily tarot - Death - 992020

Are you in a leadership position who is in constant search for novel ideas to propel the organization? Is there a revamp or an organizational restructuring happening in your team? I think this is my first time publishing a daily tarot reading with all the cards bearing the major arcana. What you’re going through could be a major hurdle, and your decision would be life-altering to the whole organization.

Perhaps you are the visionary type, who seems to be very open about novel ideas. You may be debunking old belief systems within the organization, and now you are successfully striking the balance between traditional and novel approaches.

End of a cycle

Perhaps the COVID situation is a blessing in disguise, in a sense that everybody is forced to slough of stagnant energies, and embrace new philosophies within the organization.

You could be instrumental to create this balance within the organization. While it’s a challenging feat, you are willing to get through it because you are a firm believer of change and transformation (Death).

An organizational rebirth seems to be long overdue, and perhaps you are passionate enough to make it happen. You are also strong enough to speak your truth and question the system. However, The Hanged Man in reverse right there could be a warning for you to take it easy because you could be expending your energy way too much.

Daily Tarot Guidance

Daily tarot - Starseed card - 992020

Your superiors or fellow leaders may not be on the same page as you right now. Just as The Hanged Man feels like having those efforts put in vain, this card gives the Oracle clarity: not receiving guidance is guidance in itself.

If you don’t get what you want, regardless of how good your dreams/ideas are, it may mean that you have to wait for the right time for it to come to fruition. The details are being woven, and you don’t have to take matters to your hands right now.

Allow yourself to slip and switch off, Oracle says. Allow the divine orchestration to happen.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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A gentle reminder from A

My intention every reading: May I speak the truth, may my interpretation be for the highest good, and may my intuitive work contribute to the joy and freedom of all.

While the magic of the Tarot lies with how it resonates with us, it is always best to exercise free will. Tarot is for fun, just as I feel the joy in connecting with my spirit guides as I interpret the cards. Tarot resembles the Hero’s Journey in Mythology, just as how these archetypes are used in the movies. We are all alchemists to transform our lives, and Tarot is just one way towards self-reflection. Do not be co-dependent on Tarot, k? K! /highfive!

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