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Daily Tarot -

This is your free daily tarot card reading, a spiritual guidance tarot reading for whoever needs it. I physically shuffle my decks to arrive at this reading, and I take the jump cards most of the time. Please take only what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. If you are drawn to this post, there might be something here that you need to hear today.

So, Let’s begin!

Daily Tarot Affirmation

Daily Tarot - Big Picture Thinking card - 8292020

Oracle invites you to be a visionary–a leader of the future. Trust your vision. Moreover, forge a path that’s aligned with your inner wisdom, and always come from a sense of joy towards your goals.

This is a confirmation that your newfound idea is divinely guided. You are a dream maker, and Oracle aspires this to be a new vision for humanity.

Energies from the Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot - 3-card spread (8292020)

Past: 5 of Wands – There were pride and conflict in your past. Perhaps this was something about a highly competitive project. Someone appears to be one-upping you, and there was a struggle for dominance.

This may have something to do with a creative endeavor, because you have the Knight of Wands (reversed) as your overarching energy.

Present: 2 of Cups (reversed) – As a result, you are currently experiencing disconnectedness. Moreover, tension seems to be present in the current moment, and this is unnerving you. This creative endeavor is bothering you, enough to bring you imbalance.

Future: 6 of Cups – I don’t know what would be the climax of your situation, because this card signifies simple joys. But something is about to happen that would bring this energy of nostalgia. Moreover, it doesn’t look like a gradual shift from disharmony to this energy.

My Interpretation of the Daily Tarot Spread

Daily Tarot - Overarching energy - Knigth of Wands reversed

From conflict and disharmony, towards healing. That’s the progression of your story as per energies. The transition between the 2 of Cups reversed to 6 of Cups looks like a natural progression, but it’s so abrupt, there must be something that could happen in between. Take what resonates, and keep in mind that Oracle encourages you to be a leader.

This reckless energy (Knight of Wands reversed) is a highly energetic, if not a trickster individual. This could be you, who’s full of creativity and passion, but it’s just passion without mindful action.

Corresponding with the Pleiades energy on your Starseed Oracle card, you are being called to be a visionary, but perhaps you come off too strong and aggressive, you’ve forgotten about the essence of leadership.

This energy could be carried over from the past conflict to the present energy of miscommunication, that’s why some aspects of your life could be all over the place. However, your future signifies healing, and a deeper connection with your inner child.

The 6 of Cups energy could also signify helping children, or reconnecting with your inner child. As a result, your vision will be built on a joyful foundation.

Daily Tarot Oracle guidance

Oracle card - To the Sea (8292020)

Go with the flow, Oracle says. Moreover, there is a natural ebb of flow of all things around us. No matter how rough the sea is, steer the ship with your leadership. Trust, and allow yourself to exude that grace as you move forward in life. Enjoy your journey like a child, and with child-like eyes, trust your vision and inner strength as you sail through the unknown.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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A gentle reminder from A

My intention every reading: May I speak the truth, may my interpretation be for the highest good, and may my intuitive work contribute to the joy and freedom of all.

While the magic of the Tarot lies with how it resonates with us, it is always best to exercise free will. Tarot is for fun, just as I feel the joy in connecting with my spirit guides as I interpret the cards. Tarot resembles the Hero’s Journey in Mythology, just as how these archetypes are used in the movies. We are all alchemists to transform our lives, and Tarot is just one way towards self-reflection. Do not be co-dependent on Tarot, k? K! /highfive!

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