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For today’s Free Flow Sundays episode, I decided to make a video, just because… free flow. You can find the summary of today’s reading in this post, but if you feel like riding with me throughout the reading journey, please feel free to check out the Youtube video below. Kindly pardon me for the pauses–I don’t speak good English, plus! I hear a lot of messages while reading! *facepalm*

As you watch the video, please take a closer look at your cards, and be open to the messages that may come through.

Today’s Tarot

You may have been betrayed in the past–probably been cheated on. Right now, you are ready to create something new and to create that visual symphony. You are the goddess and the queen, who is honoring herself and creating healthy boundaries. While you may run the risk of doubting your journey, joy and happiness await you in the future. You have finally decided to protect yourself from unhealthy relationships. Above all, you’ve learned your lesson and abundance is on the horizon. Congratulations, and /highfive!

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments!

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