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– Summary –

Oracle message: Tick-Tock
Your current energy: sulking
Your person’s energy: generosity


  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. This Gemini love today reading may be for another Gemini-born individual, and next Friday’s message is the one for you.
  • I physically shuffle and take the jump cards. My daily love oracle readings are done intuitively.
  • Time is fluid. You may pick up spiritual messages here, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. For more guidance, you may like to see today’s three card tarot spread (it’s free!)
  • Energies of cards can be interchangeable, and not gender-specific
  • “Your person” (card on right) could be the person: you’re romantically involved with, on your mind, eyeing to date, or coming towards you. This could also be a friend (and they may need you right now).
  • Allow the cards to speak to you too. Answers always come if we’re open.

I bow down to the light in you. Thank you for visiting! /highfive!

Gemini love today reading

Gemini love today - 9252020

Both of you are connecting with your own feelings right now. One is too much absorbed in petty stuff, while the other is very generous to a point that they are not helping you to talk about your feelings. 

Perhaps they are focused on making things better for you, without actually helping you sit, talk, and acknowledge your feelings. It’s like giving an ice cream to a kid crying over spilled milk, but not actually creating that loving space for them to talk about their feelings. And of course, it’s not their fault that they’re too giving. 

You have to recognize (if not appreciate) their efforts too.

It’s okay to feel that way

Perhaps you feel taken for granted, or you’re thinking too much about things from the past. The 4 of Cups signifies taking in that extra effort (see that mermaid who stepped out of the water) only to sulk over your own issues. It’s one thing to acknowledge ill feelings, but staying on it is another.

The person you’re dealing with, on the other hand, feels like they love feeding this energy of yours. They are full of love and deeply express this. Perhaps they also want to start a new chapter with you. Moreover, they have overflowing feelings so much so that they least prioritize their own feelings. They just want to make you happy.

Gemini love today guidance

Gemini love today - 9252020

The world operates in glorious timelessness, Oracle says.

I feel that this card comes with a reminder for you to leave the past behind. Hence, be present. Moreover, appreciate that person who seems to be carving a good path for you, if not laying that red carpet down for you. Someone is there who has your back, and you could be a case of “knowing a person’s worth when they’re gone”. Enjoy it while it lasts, or cherish every moment, if I may say.

Spirit invites you to surrender to the divine plan and just be. If you feel like the clock is ticking and perhaps something’s amiss, perhaps you are focusing on the wrong things, and you’re putting too much energy to a past burden (or pain) that is not really yours to carry.

Miracles happen at the right place, at the right time, only if you are present enough to see. It’s right in front of you.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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