Unlock Your Inner Power Through Stones

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The seat of your inner power is in your core, where the energy center called the solar plexus chakra rests. You connect with this chakra alongside your intuition (third eye chakra) to make the right decisions and take action. Hence the saying, “trust your gut,” because this seat of inner force is found 2 inches above the belly button. A balanced solar plexus means you feel confident, successful, joyful, secure, and abundant. But what do you do if, for the life of you, you just can’t seem to connect with this fire within you? The easiest way to unlock your inner power would be through a piece of the earth: stones. So below are 6 easily retrievable stones to help you unlock your inner power!

1. Yellow Apatite

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Stones - Yellow Apatite

Affirmative phrase: I am joy.

If you don’t feel good enough or are feeling insecure, get a Yellow Apatite to channel that joy. It holds the energy of confidence and inspiration. Like a ray of sunshine, its translucent color resembles your bubbly, light-hearted friend. Also similar to having a gentle soul around you, there is something so special with this stone that dispels energies of apathy, lethargy, and plain boredom, without even trying so hard.

Also a stone for depression, Yellow Apatite neutralizes stored anger or just plain stagnant energies. I like keeping one by my bedside to remind me that “tomorrow is another day,” as well as to help me visualize how I would conquer my day once I wake up.

2. Chrysoberyl

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Stones - Chrysoberyl

Affirmative phrase: I am enough.

Chrysoberyl is a phenomenal gem that helps you see both sides of a problem. 

To unlock your inner power, sometimes it will require you to consciously allow relationships or situations to just fall apart. That means you are meant to grow. Full understanding that the earth is bound by phases, transitions, and cycles equate to gaining the wisdom that tribulations are always temporary.

Chrysoberyl is the perfect stone to gain the wisdom to trust the magic of new beginnings. A stone for compassion and forgiveness, Chrysoberyl would aid you to be gentle with yourself and realize your self-worth. 

Its greenish-yellow hue gives off an earthy but royal vibe. Moreover, its perfect mix of green and yellow hues is plainly reminiscent of transitions and seemingly uncertain times, but at the same time a deep knowing that you truly are enough.

3. Citrine

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Stones - Citrine

Affirmative phrase: I manifest my desires.

Citrine is the best crystal for manifestation. This is what I used when I manifested a visa, a few years ago. While it was so tiny (and to be honest I thought it was a fake one), its ability to transmute negative energy to positive is the key to manifestation. 

One of the readily accessible crystals, Citrine is warm and has an energetic force that awakens your inner sense of self. As a result, you will overcome those limiting beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious, and our lack of awareness of the conditioning surrounding those beliefs hinders us to achieve our goals. 

As a healing crystal, it aids digestive system issues such as constipation and hormonal imbalance. As a feng shui aid, on the other hand, put it on the farthest left corner of your house (if you’re facing the front door). 

Self-doubt is the primary roadblock to manifestation. Hold a Citrine during manifestation meditation to harness its inner power and unlock your own. It is the stone for success.

4. Amber

Unlock Your Inner Power Through Stones - Amber

Affirmative phrase: I am secure.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that is a source of life and healing. A great reminder of nature’s bounty, having an Amber feels like you are one with the earth. Just like its deep tinge of orange, we are reminded of the earth’s ability to heal and regenerate.

Amber’s grounding energy is both soothing and calming. It is best used when you feel unsure about yourself, and when you need a constant reminder that you are held, supported, and secure–just like Mother Earth’s energy. As a piece of the earth, Amber reminds us that while we are just a tiny fraction of the universe, there is always an infinite potential within you.

When your inner child needs a hug, connect with the grounding force an Amber stone can instantly give.

5. Pyrite


Affirmative phrase: I am abundant.

Pyrite is the stone to help you manifest abundance. Nicknamed the fool’s gold, it glistens just like gold and allows you to tap into that entrepreneurial mindset. A strong bearer of the energy of prosperity, put a tiny stone inside your wallet to strengthen your openness and strong ability to receive. Willpower is not just about taking action, but also balancing it with the energy of consciously allowing.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Affirmative phrase: I am strong.

If you look at a Tiger’s Eye, it feels neutral with its light brown color, but it has an energy of boldness in it because of the black streaks. Similar to your friend, Tiger’s Eye would just sit by the sidelines, but they are just a force to reckon with. 

When we lose our connection with our core, sometimes we feel like the world is against us. Moreover, we feel victimized, oppressed, or even depressed. Tiger’s Eye serves as a reminder that no matter how small you think you are, there is some strength within you that just needs to awaken.

A traditional talisman, Tiger’s Eye stimulates your Kundalini energy (learn to activate it here).

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that is a reminder of the grounding force of the earth, as well as the radiance of the sun and the fierceness of fire. Certainly, Tiger’s Eye is the epitome of a stone–it just sits right there but can transform into (and be transformed in) a myriad of ways. And just like Kundalini awakening, it has the vibe of dormant energy waiting to be realized.

Channel this energy as you accomplish your goals, realize your potential and muster the courage to confront your inner shadows.

Unlock Your Inner Power: Yes You Can.

You really don’t have to do anything to feel perfect. Because that power is just within you–it’s in your belly! The seat of your willpower weakens every time you linger on negative emotions, but if you just don’t know how to connect with your inner force, then having these stones will help you get back on your toes.

We all have the power to transform, and while the sound of transformation sounds scary, it is a constant reminder that the ebb and flow of life happens whether we like it or not. Sometimes, we just have to learn to ride with it. Certainly, all the resources we need are within reach–we really don’t have to go that far. You getting this far into this article is a clear sign for you to connect with your inner power today! /highfive!

A Reading For You

Star Spinner back of card
9 of Wands

Nine of Wands

You are resilient in times of weariness. There is no giving up when your goals are so close.

Your setbacks have proven to be too much, and you feel broken under the weight of your responsibilities. The journey has been long and unfulfilling.

Star Spinner back of card
2 of Wands

Two of Wands

From the initial spark of the Ace, take that energy and chart a course. There is still a good deal of planning to do.

You are caught at an impasse. Decision-making is difficult because you are still much too precious about your inspiration. If you do not fan those sparks, they will dwindle and dissipate.

Star Spinner back of card
21 - World

The World (Major Arcana)

Getting here has required much growth and pain, but you arrive with a sense of completion and fulfillment.

In an effort to have everything you want, you have spread yourself too thin and failed to see goals through to completion. You may remain within the confines of your comfort zones to protect yourself from the wider world, stifling your capacity to reach your full potential.


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