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Your free Leo love tarot reading for February 2022 summary:

Oracle: What are you clinging onto? | Energies: in a hurry; youthfulness

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Oracle | Leo love tarot

Leo Love Tarot - THE CRUMBLING

The difficult times are your defining moments, Oracle says. If you feel impatient about your person, then Spirit now invites you just be still and reflect on how you can channel this energy to something worthwhile. This could be self-improvement or a grounding activity, like getting in touch with your childhood friends or relatives you haven’t seen for a long time.

What’s happening around your romantic situation may be frustrating the hell out of you, and it progresses to more frustrations simply because you think that it has to happen now. Moreover, you strongly believe that what you expect is what would happen in reality. However, this is not how the universe works, because the person you’re dealing with has free will too.

Spirit invites you to surrender. Stop trying to hold it together and loosen your grip, Oracle says. If it seems like your person is non-committal or ignores you, know that it is not all about you. The sooner you let go, the sooner the rebirthing will occur. Once you accept other people’s choices, you allow yourself to let go. And so once you let go, you make space for the right one to come.

Something new (if not better) lies beyond the difficult situation. You have what it takes to get through it. What is meant to happen will always happen, and the right one will never pass you by. The person you choose will not always choose you back. 

Stay calm and don’t force it. The universe has your back.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

The Empress (Major Arcana)

This indicates the satisfaction of natural desires through careful cultivation and mindful stewardship.

You must reassess your priorities. You may have overwatered your roots, and it will soon rot.

Temperance (Major Arcana)

Despite the challenges and the pain that often accompany change and growth, you may find that your strong personal and interpersonal foundation help you keep grounded.

Examine your personal and interpersonal habits and honestly determine which of those things perpetuate patterns that drain you. 

The Hierophant (Major Arcana)

It may be worthwhile to seek an organized outlet for a shared expression of spirituality.

You or someone around you is a dogmatic figure who must be questioned.

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