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Libra daily love oracle

Welcome to your free online oracle reading. This is your Libra daily love oracle for 23 Jun 2020, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign. Although created for this date, it is noteworthy to also consider that time is fluid, and you may pick up inspirational spiritual messages from this oracle reading, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. Please take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow’s message is the one for you.

I base my readings from physically shuffled jump cards, while being surrounded by the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency, consequently for love messages to raise vibration frequencies.

Two (2) drawn tarot cards from the Shadowscapes deck are the current energies. While interchangeable, we start off with your current energy (left). The one on the right is the energy of the person you’re dealing with: it may be your partner, the person on your mind, the person you’re eyeing to date, or the person who might be coming towards you. Next is the Oracle guidance.

I encourage you to allow the cards speak to you too. My interpretation is not the right and only way to read it. Sometimes the answers come to you just through your openness. So, let’s begin!

You are healing

Libra daily love oracle - 6/23/2020

Are you recuperating from a breakup, dear Libra? The Tower card is symbolic of a faulty foundation, and this could signify an end in the relationship. While this card symbolize a fickle turn and losing almost everything in a blink of an eye, a large chunk of the Tower card is symbolic of hope, and regeneration that comes after. A major upheaval also means a major positive change. All the beautiful things in life come from nothingness, just like the majesty of a flowering plant that starts with just a tiny seed.

This is the start of a transformation, dear Libra. You are social and outgoing, and you may not appear to others as someone currently in a disastrous point. Someone in your life may be looking at you from a distance, either waiting for the perfect time to console you, or just giving you enough space to grieve. The person you’re dealing with is the 2 of Wands–my surveillance card. This feels like the person coming towards you post-healing. This may also be your ex who may have turned his/her back on you and checking other opportunities to distract themselves of the pain.

You may have gone past the denial stage and is ready to rebuild, but there are remnants that haven’t been reduced to ashes. While it still bears a weight on you, the person you’re dealing with is ready to transform his/her vision to life, bold enough to mark a new chapter. If this is the person who’s about to come towards you and admit feelings, he/she feels cautious but also feels bold enough to make a move.

There might be two people involved with you at the moment; although coming after the other, they share the same energy of boldness in coming towards and away from you.

Work Your Light: Break the chain

Libra daily love oracle

You are invited to heal past trauma and rewrite your future. A karmic past in the guise of a parental figure may have been in your energy, and you may have been projecting this in your romantic relationship. You may be conditioned to think a certain way of expressing love, and this may play some part in how you deal with romantic partners. Family patterns are hard to break, but you are now given the opportunity to free yourself from emotional traumas, or belief systems that no longer serve you in this life. It is the perfect time to control your own wheels, Libra! Not all is lost with that Tower, and not all people can get the opportunity to be handed control over their life. You are now being freed from it. Your cords of lack, imbalance, insecurities, and painful past are now being cut. Take it. Weave it anew.


“I am worthy of love. I let go of ancestral patterns that no longer serve me. I am breaking free, and I will rise up.”

Giving you a virtual hug, dear Libra! Hoping to see you tomorrow!


A READING BY A | 23 Jun 2020

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments!



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