Libra Love Tarot – “But Mostly I Hate the Way I Don’t Hate You…”

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Your free Libra love tarot reading for May 2022 summary:

Oracle: Tune in to the portal of your heart. | Energies: confusion; charming

Reminders and surprises are in the video below. Thank you for visiting! I bow down to the light in you! – A /highfive!

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Current energies | Libra love tarot

Oracle | Libra love tarot

Libra Love Tarot - INNER TEMPLE

What’s holding you back, dear Libra? You are about to make a choice, but you are finding yourself stepping back.

The answers to your questions (or prayer) are right in front of you. Perhaps all you need to do right now is to give it a try, if not open your heart to get to know them deeper. Certainly, it’s time to let go of over-analyzing this situation.

The perfect key is right in front of you. If you are still in a relationship but you see yourself checking other people out, perhaps that Judgment card would be the right reminder for you. Reassess your values and how everything around you aligns with them.

It’s not about the other person; it’s about you—what do you value, what brings you joy? And how your partner can truly be in alignment with you as you pursue endeavors that truly bring you joy.

The person you’re dealing with seems like soooo in love and in fact ready to leave everything behind for you. While this can make you feel special, don’t forget that you are truly an intelligent person.

It’s not how they are very much like you that will determine the success of the relationship, but it’s how your desires and values truly align with theirs. Moreover, how do they treat you? Are they supportive of your aspirations, at the same time respect your choices?

Don’t be too smitten with the attention, and jump off the cliff easily just because you are sure that this person will catch you. Tune into your heart space and determine your innermost desires. Do they align with that?

What Spirit Wants You to Know | Libra Love Tarot

Spirit now invites you to develop a daily spiritual practice such as meditation, chanting, or journaling so you can fill your own well and spend some time with your soul.

All the answers that you seek rest in the portal of your heart, Oracle says. But you cannot hear them unless you carve out time each day to listen. This card is definitely a sign that your soul is yearning for a deeper relationship with you. Which aspects of yourself you can hone? There are parts of you that are waiting to be witnessed by you. Devote your time to this, because your soul is yearning to grow.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
13 - Death

Death (Major Arcana)

Though it may initially read as a bad omen, Death simply refers to cycles of change in a broader sense.

You may lack proper closure, and unable to let go of the past.

Star Spinner back of card
3 of Swords

Three of Swords

This is a reminder of the inevitability of pain and its absolute necessity in personal growth. You can learn from your missteps and better understand how to navigate your life.

This warns of being confronted with the aftermath of loss or heartbreak. You may find yourself stuck in a rut, futilely attempting to recover from an emotional blow. Allow yourself to experience pain and grief.

Star Spinner back of card
15 - Devil

The Devil (Major Arcana)

You might take the next opportunity to yield to your passions. Do not lose yourself in your passions or those will be your vices.

Your penchant for self-restraint and discipline has become stifling. 

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