Libra Love Tarot – Somebody Will Try to Win You (Back)

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Libra Love Tarot

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Your free Libra love tarot reading for September 2022 summary:

Oracle: You are a force to reckon with | Energies: confident; insecure

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Current energies | Libra love tarot 

Oracle | Libra love tarot 

Libra Love Tarot - SUN

You are owning it, dear Libra! Ready to move forward and start anew—this is your current energy. While challenges keep on coming for you, you are not threatened by any of them. Moreover, you have learned to set healthy boundaries without losing yourself in the process. Certainly, you are on top of the game, Libra! Congratulations!

The person you’re dealing with is confounded with a lot of personal issues that have taken them so long to realize (or to deal with). With you pursuing something beyond them, they have finally decided to take action. It’s a little too late though.

It’s either your person will try to win you back, or a new person is coming towards you. They have a strong interest in you and will do everything in their power to be successful at this.

Giving attention to whoever this person seems to be the least of your priority.

You are excited about a new path ahead, and you are so confident to move forward. It’s time for release and growth.

The Sun here is an affirmation of your timeless confidence and force.

Don’t ever dim your light to fit in (in case this is something that crosses your mind to do). You may act compassionately towards others, but never at the expense of your own plans and desires. Indeed, you are on the right track, dear Libra. Keep shining!

A message for you

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Star Spinner back of card
5 of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

This signifies difficult times ahead. You may have suffered a major financial setback. You may find it difficult to face yourself, and for reasons you do not fully grasp, it is difficult to seek help.

Money is tight, but you may find your difficult times are coming to a close. You have regained some agency over your circumstances.

Star Spinner back of card
6 - The Lovers

The Lovers

This card heralds healthy partnerships, unions born of consent and enthusiasm.

A cycle of mutual desire and beneficence is broken, leaving one or all involved parties feeling incomplete and bereft. 

Star Spinner back of card
3 of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Your collaborative relationships are in a very good place. Your work environment is healthy and that you are in harmony with your colleagues.

The quality of your collaborations is beginning to suffer. You must take some time to troubleshoot and figure out where the snags are in your complex network of projects.

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