Libra Love Tarot – You Won’t Let Them Go

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Your free Libra love tarot reading for March 2021 summary:

Oracle: I acknowledge my fear, but I replace it with the insight of awareness | Energies: stubborn; mysterious

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Where are those fears coming from? Your refusal to detach nor let go could be coming from this energy of denial. What are you denying? Think about what are the facts surrounding this relationship that you refuse to accept? What makes it important to not accept the reality of this situation? Those questions may be a few points for reflection.

It is time to open up and be completely honest with yourself, Oracle says. Buried fears and resentments do not die, but they will linger and will continue festering you. Acknowledge and recognize them as they are trying to get your attention right now. Examine these fears, insecurities, attachment. Moreover, be compassionate with yourself. If this person wants to go, perhaps it’s about time for you to surrender and release them.

Your dreams are worthy of you, yes. Chasing after dreams would return to you more magical adventures than chasing after a single person who may not be wanting to stay any longer. Give yourself the gift of experiencing something new.


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