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Your free Pisces love tarot reading for March 2021 summary:

Oracle message: I accept that challenges are the best way to learn | Current energies: somber; indecisive

Reminders and surprises in the video below. Thank you for visiting! I bow down to the light in you! – A  /highfive!

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Current energies | Pisces love tarot 

Oracle | Pisces love tarot 


You are presented with this rough patch so you may overcome them. Once you do, you will soar into greater heights and will realize that you just needed that challenge to help you grow. Every challenge is a learning experience, dear Pisces.

Confidence comes to those who have succeeded in conquering adversity, and then the next hurdle won’t seem as daunting, Oracle asserts. Find what brings the spark to your soul, so that moving forward will seem so flawless you wouldn’t give a damn about clinging onto this person anymore.

This test may have come into your life to teach you to receive rather than to give.


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