Pisces Love Tarot – You Just Want to Do It Now

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Pisces Love Tarot

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Your free Pisces love tarot reading for September 2022 summary:

Oracle: Channel that inner grace | Energies: vindictive; thriving

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Current energies | Pisces love tarot

Oracle | Pisces love tarot

Pisces Love Tarot - LION

Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. I will start off with, in what ways can you forgive yourself for your past misgivings? You may be losing sleep about these, and you strongly feel the need to rectify this now.

You can rectify past mistakes without actually moving back to the past, but actually moving forward.

There seems to be an obsession from your end about how this situation has fallen apart because of your own doing. Use this energy of stubbornness or strong desire to communicate with your person (perhaps to apologize) but tune into your heart space.

Do you love this person? What does it feel like? That feeling—how can you use it back to yourself? How can you actually channel your love towards yourself? If that sounds vague to you, let me ask you: how much are you allowing yourself to lose sleep over this?

Sometimes we can be successful by doing nothing at all. Take a breather and do small things that bring you joy (like cleaning! or making art)

The Lion reminds you that you are the leader. In what ways can you rule your emotions to self-talk your way through calmness, if not compassion? You are the king, yes, but always remember that your pride is always ruled by balance.

Lion is present when justice is required, Oracle says. Strong opinions could be living through your awareness right now, dear Pisces, and these opinions could be coming from you.

Justice needs no divine intervention sometimes, only forgiveness. How can you channel that innate grace that resides within you?

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

This is an opportunity to strengthen interpersonal connections. Now is a good time to pursue a new relationship, smooth out old tensions and forgive. Love of all kinds is the center of this card.

There is an imbalance of emotion. You are either utterly overwhelmed or are deeply repressing your feelings.

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3 - Empress

The Empress (Major Arcana)

This indicates the satisfaction of natural desires through careful cultivation and mindful stewardship.

You must reassess your priorities. You may have overwatered your roots, and it will soon rot.

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5 of Wands

Five of Wands

This represents tension. There might be some compelling disagreements in your life, and nobody seems willing to compromise.

You refuse to engage in difficult conversations for fear of disturbing the status quo. You would rather avoid conflict than accept it.

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