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Your free Sagittarius love tarot reading for April 2022 summary:

Oracle: How are you dimming your light to fit in? | Energies: openness; hesitation

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Current energies | Sagittarius love tarot

Oracle | Sagittarius love tarot

Sagittarius Love Tarot - DON'T DIM TO FIT IN

Your person seems to be holding it back, not really because they don’t love you, but it’s more of they value the opinion of the people they care about. So it’s not about you—there’s nothing wrong with you Sagittarius. Besides, it doesn’t really matter!

You are at the top of your game, and you are ready to make a (life-altering) decision. It seems like you respect and admire your person a lot, regardless of how younger they are than you, and that adds to how this connection is so beautiful.

There could be a difference in backgrounds or beliefs, but you are open and willing to learn from your person. Something is bothering them and you might be curious about it, but I don’t feel like it would serve as your blockage towards pursuing this person (so might as well don’t pry about it further).

And so Spirit invites you to do your own thing and don’t obsess about what’s beyond your control. Don’t dim your light to accommodate someone else’s smallness, Oracle asserts. If you notice that you suddenly adjust to your person’s wants or needs, then it’s time for you to slowly retreat. You will never have to feel like you need to make adjustments with the right person because everything feels organic and maybe their words and actions are surprisingly fit to your own.

If your person’s words or actions make you in any way uncomfortable, step back but keep your light on anyway, because the right one will sooner or later be magnetized to this light of yours. Ask yourself, are there instances that you would want to say no but said yes anyway? How can you slowly step back?

A message for you

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Star Spinner back of card
7 of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

You are at a point where you want to make long-term investments. This is a reminder for you to look at the bigger picture and spend time cultivating your resources responsibly.

Though you are currently financially stable, you are impatient with your progress. You may be tempted to overspend or invest your resources a little too hastily. Analyze your prospects and check your impulses.

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7 - Chariot

The Chariot (Major Arcana)

There is a definitive sense that propels your journey. The Chariot has no reins and is propelled by force of will.

Interrogate your goals and means of achieving them.

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3 - Empress

The Empress (Major Arcana)

This indicates the satisfaction of natural desires through careful cultivation and mindful stewardship.

You must reassess your priorities. You may have overwatered your roots, and it will soon rot.

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