Sagittarius Love Tarot – Pretending They Are Ok Without You

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Sagittarius Love Tarot

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Your free Sagittarius love tarot reading for October 2022 summary:

Oracle: Focus | Your energy: maturity | Person’s energy: putting up a face

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Current energies | Sagittarius love tarot 

Oracle | Sagittarius love tarot 

Sagittarius Love Tarot - Ray of Light

Your person is hiding a lot of things from you, dear Sagittarius. And it seems like you knew it all along. They have personal issues they have to deal with, but they are up to proving something to themselves instead of focusing on healing.

You are on the healing path, and you are on the right track. Maybe you wish you could guide them too, but it seems like they will never tell you that they are not okay.

I could be speaking with a Sagittarius-born individual who has recently broken up with their partner, but if you are still in the process of breaking up or divorcing, the messages are still the same.

There seems to be a deep connection between you and this person because even if they don’t tell you they need help, you just know it.

However, the relationship seems to be revolving around lies, and it’s not from your end. Your person may be living their life in a relationship with them trying to outsmart, outwit, or simply compete with you. It’s okay with you, but in the greater scheme of things, you know it’s not healthy.

If there is something you need to focus on right now it should be your own healing journey. They need help, sure, but perhaps you must allow your partner’s friends to do their job.

The Tower will not be coming out of your reading, to begin with, if you are the right person to shake things up for them. Let go. And that not only means releasing them from your life but also allowing the universe to give them the life lesson they really need.

What Your Oracle card means

The Ray of Light here is a reminder that where you shift your focus, that’s where the energy flows. If you set an intention to “fix” your partner more so wait for them to change, then you will never be able to move on from them. Instead, shift your focus to your own healing, and reflect on how you can be a better person in your future relationships.

Visualize positive outcomes, and bring them into form, Oracle says. That’s what the Magician card is all about—and its energy was so strong in your reading. Good luck, dear Sagittarius! Know that all the resources you need are at your dispense right now.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
10 of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

You have accomplished much and are satisfied with the results. This speaks to broad contentment and security.

You have wasted much of what you have worked to earn. Your assessment of your resources is inaccurate, and you are spread too thin as you attempt to build a sturdy foundation for yourself and community.

Star Spinner back of card
Page of Cups

Page of Cups

There is an embodied childlike excitement at prospective emotional connections. This card indicates wonder and appeals to the part of you that indulges in following your dreams.

You or someone around you is immature and unable to properly address emotional problems. A lack of self-love and self-confidence is evident, and it asks you to examine moments of petulant selfishness.

Star Spinner back of card
King of Swords

King of Swords

The embodiment of intellectual authority. You or someone around you exercises logic and reason, honoring histories, legality, and tact.

The King of Swords in this position warns of an abuse of power and authority. You might be ruled by bias, convincing yourself that your unfounded personal notions are objective facts. Others might be abusing their relationships with you and you might feel used, but are unsure why.

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