Sagittarius love today – Walking on Eggshells

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– Summary –

Oracle message: Observer
Your current energy: worry
Your person’s energy: overwhelmed


  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. This Sagittarius love today reading may be for another Sagittarius-born individual, and next Tuesday’s message is the one for you.
  • I physically shuffle and take the jump cards. My daily love oracle readings are done intuitively.
  • Time is fluid. You may pick up spiritual messages here, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. For more guidance, you may like to see today’s three card tarot spread (it’s free!)
  • Energies of cards can be interchangeable, and not gender-specific
  • “Your person” (card on right) could be the person: you’re romantically involved with, on your mind, eyeing to date, or coming towards you. This could also be a friend (and they may need you right now).
  • Allow the cards to speak to you too. Answers always come if we’re open.

I bow down to the light in you. Thank you for visiting! /highfive!

Sagittarius love today reading

Sagittarius love today - 9292020

Are you feeling worried about this connection, dear Sagittarius? The energy of your card spells stress, and perhaps you are lacking sleep or rest because of a certain hurdle.

The analysis paralysis card, 9 of Swords signifies unrest and being very much up in your head about this connection. It could be a co-dependent one, and your person is feeling overwhelmed as a result.

This could be a gentle nudge from the universe for you to understand the source of your fears.

The person you’re dealing with seems overwhelmed. Walking on eggshells, I could feel. You could be bothered about something and you are projecting this issue with your person. There seems to be an elephant in the room that both of you are refusing to confront.

While the 2 of Pentacles could mean struggling about finances, it could also mean misaligned priorities. They seem to adapt to change as you say it, but they are having a hard time making ends meet. Something has to give in the long run.

Sagittarius love today guidance

Sagittarius love today - Observer - 9292020

Step back and see this hurdle using a different lens. A neutral observation is needed. You could be closely identifying with your own feelings and experiences to a point that this is the only reality for you.

Your person/partner is a separate and different individual than you, so they see the world using a different lens. Perhaps it’s an invitation for you to step into their shoes and observe how you could approach the situation objectively.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees in your way, Oracle says. Be responsive, not reactive about the situation, and muster that courage to put things into perspective.

Lend understanding to the situation and cultivate curiosity about how you see it. Accept what you cannot change, and have that courage to change what you can.

Get a better perspective by asking your friends or a counselor. Some things become better when looked at differently.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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