Sagittarius Love – Unsure How to Feel

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Sagittarius Love Tarot

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Your free Sagittarius love tarot reading for October 2023 summary:

Oracle: White Rose of Hope | Current energy: hopeful amidst uncertainty

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Sagittarius love: full reading

Sagittarius love: Oracle message

Sagittarius Love - White Rose of Hope

It’s an exciting time for you, Sagittarius! There’s a sense of adventure and new beginnings surrounding you.

But there’s also something deeper going on. I strongly feel that somewhere in the past, or perhaps even in the present, you are in a very intense relationship. Your dynamics are complex and challenging.

As a fire sign, you are known for being adventurous and forthright. You speak your mind and love to explore new horizons. However, this relationship you’re in has brought a different energy into your life. You feel intellectually connected with your partner, but at the same time, it has been humbling to you.

There seem to be two scenarios I’m seeing here. For some of you, you have a new baby on the way, which should be a joyful time. However, it seems that the conflicts with your partner don’t stop there. There are ongoing disagreements that are affecting the harmony of your relationship. Hence, your love life continues to be a challenging situation to navigate.

For others of you, it appears that you may have had a difficult past relationship. It’s something that still haunts you to this day. The trauma and pain from that experience are still affecting you, and you don’t want to carry that baggage into this new relationship. You want to move forward and be happy, but your insecurities are holding you back. It’s like a battle between wanting to be happy and feeling haunted by the past.

Sagittarius love: What you can do

  1. Embrace humility and growth. Intense relationships can be humbling and provide opportunities for personal growth. Take this chance to learn more about yourself and your partner. Embrace the intellectual connection that this relationship brings and use it as a catalyst for personal development.
  2. Address lingering baggage. If you’ve experienced trauma or pain from past relationships, it’s crucial to address and heal from those wounds. Seek support from trusted friends, family, or professionals to help you process these emotions and move forward with a fresh perspective.
  3. Communicate openly and honestly. Sagittarius, you have a tendency to keep your thoughts to yourself. However, in intense relationships, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Share your feelings, concerns, and desires. Healthy communication can lead to a deeper understanding and strengthen the bond between you.
  4. Find balance in differences. If you’re in a relationship with someone who has different beliefs or opinions, remember that love can thrive despite differences. Embrace the opportunity to learn from each other and find common ground. Respect each other’s perspectives and work towards compromise and understanding.
  5. Strategize and take action. Don’t let overthinking or self-limiting beliefs hold you back. Break free from any restraints and pursue what makes you truly happy.
  6. Seek belongingness and support. Even if you’re in a fulfilling relationship, it’s essential to maintain connections with friends and family. Reach out to those who understand and support you. Their perspectives can continue to get you grounded.

Your relationships always guide how you make judgments and choices in life.

And right now, you may be feeling very confused. You’re asking yourself, “Why is this happening? This isn’t the kind of person that I am.”

The White Rose of Hope Oracle card is the affirmation that this hope will lead your way. Darkness may surround you, but there is that one beacon of light that helps you find your way. This card is symbolic of new beginnings, admiration, and new love. Embrace them all.

Keep reminding yourself that there is always a path forward, no matter how lonely the landscape could be.

A message for you

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Star Spinner back of card
2 of Swords

Two of Swords

A difficult must be made, and you might be avoiding it. You are getting in your own way.

There are two choices with comparable consequences. You might be caught between two competing sides or find yourself overwhelmed with unwelcome external input.

Star Spinner back of card
0 - The Fool

The Fool (Major Arcana)

You are ready to take the first steps in a new direction and explore previously untapped potential.

What are the areas in your life where you are reticent for no reason?

Star Spinner back of card
6 of Swords

Six of Swords

Moving forward often means leaving something behind. You are now taking the first steps toward moving on and starting over.

You are attempting to move on from past troubles and are experiencing challenges.

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