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Your free Scorpio love tarot reading for March 2022 summary:

Oracle: How are you being called to step up and lead? | Energies: in love | apathetic

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Oracle | Scorpio love tarot 

Scorpio Love Tarot - Priestess

You are very much in love, dear Scorpio. There is something that your person does that you feel uncomfortable about, but you will still choose this person at the end of the day. No one is willing to change, and perhaps you resonate with the fact that you are staying for the wrong reasons. However, both of you could be willing to negotiate or meet halfway, because both of you truly love each other.

The person you’re dealing with doesn’t want to focus on this issue you have with them, and perhaps it annoys you. They are not making changes anytime soon, so if this is a dealbreaker for you, then it’s time to call it quits. You have The Tower, dear Scorpio, and that means, anything built on a faulty foundation is meant to fall apart. Be patient or let it go. 

And so Oracle asks, how can you step up and lead?

You don’t have to have it all together to lead. A leader has the courage to go first. Don’t fret too much about trying to work things out, Oracle says. You don’t need anybody’s permission, just the courage to stand your ground, but at the same time has the ability to open the negotiation table.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you will do things your way, nor put the matters to your hands. Most of the time it’s all about empathy and active listening. How can you convince your person to see things your way if you don’t even listen to the needs they may have told you a long time ago? How can you also be receptive to other people at a time you also need to be listened to?

A message for you

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The Chariot (Major Arcana)

There is a definitive sense that propels your journey. The Chariot has no reins and is propelled by force of will.

Interrogate your goals and means of achieving them.

Ten of Wands

You have worked very had, and you have amassed many accomplishments. Unfortunately, this carries with it more responsibility. A grand and beautiful garden requires more care and attention than a single potted plant.

Those things you amassed now feel burdensome to maintain. You might feel ready to move on, but you have invested so much in where you are.

Queen of Pentacles

You or someone around you is a practical and evenhanded provider, adept at maintaining and distributing resources in efficient ways. You or someone around you is more than capable of caring for an entire network of people.

There is a lack of balance between professional and personal spheres of your life. You are overworked and drained from picking up everyone else’s slack, and this makes it difficult to be tactful with others.

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