Scorpio Love Tarot – You Don’t Have to Do Anything

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Scorpio Love Tarot

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Your free Scorpio love tarot reading for August 2022 summary:

Oracle: LION – justice | Energies: new beginnings; laziness

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Oracle | Scorpio love tarot

Scorpio Love Tarot - Lion

The time has come. You are exactly where you need to be, dear Scorpio. So, enjoy it.

There could have been a time in the past that you feel so lost and everything feels uncertain. And now, the time has come when the answers you seek are in front of you. Savor the moment—there is nothing you need to do right now but be grateful.

And so they say, trust the magic of new beginnings. You could be tempted to seek something else, but right now the best course of action is to reflect on how this (hurtful) journey has made you become a better version of yourself.

You are deeply connected with your inner sense of power, dear Scorpio. Moreover, you may feel like you have to do something new, but as the Queen of Pentacles shows up in your reading—focus on your home life. You are abundant and graceful. And so you are so blessed.

Your person may appear so lazy, but their personal issue is not for you to deal with. In what ways can you show gratitude to yourself? Moreover, in what ways can you nurture yourself even more?

Spirit also invites you to strive for peace and order gracefully. Just like the commanding presence of a Lion, he makes himself known, but at the same time, he doesn’t allow strong opinions to just overrule. A lion’s pride is ruled by balance, Oracle asserts. Would you allow yourself to surrender to unnecessary noise around you, or would you stand tall amidst hurdles? Tune in to your inner, mighty self right now, dear Scorpio.

A message for you

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10 of Wands

Ten of Wands

You have worked very had, and you have amassed many accomplishments. Unfortunately, this carries with it more responsibility. A grand and beautiful garden requires more care and attention than a single potted plant.

Those things you amassed now feel burdensome to maintain. You might feel ready to move on, but you have invested so much in where you are.

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5 of Cups

Five of Cups

You have gone to great lengths to pursue that which you love, and too many things have gone wrong. Your passions have yielded sharp disappointment and regret. A once beloved thing has turned sour.

Everyone has disappointments in love and friendship, but you find yourself at a breaking point. You are emotionally drained and unable to reconcile your present weariness with the pursuit of those bonds you treasure.

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10 of Cups

Ten of Cups

There is finally an overarching sense of harmony in your life. Though the journey has been long, you have materialized your hopes and desires in ways you may not have expected.

There is something barring the road to complete happiness. You are close to fulfilling your wishes, but you have neglected to tie up a few loose ends. You cannot fully enjoy your achievements because there is lingering regret and discord.

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