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Scorpio Love Tarot

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Your free Scorpio love tarot reading for August 2023 summary:

Oracle: Listen | Energies: hesitation and self-doubt

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Scorpio Tarot (Aug 2023) - Listen

Feeling stuck as if you don’t have a choice, dear Scorpio? The universe is telling you right now that yes you do have a choice! And it’s time for you to wield that wand right now!

A career offer has been presented to you (or is coming towards you) but you are so satisfied with your life right now you don’t want to accept it.

Contentment is admirable of you, but Spirit is challenging you right now to see this as an opportunity for growth. Please take it.

Perhaps you had what-if moments but it’s easy for you to shrug it off and just live life within your comfort zone. You are not entertaining new ways of being right now, simply because you feel satisfied with how things are going right now.

But the universe wants to bless you with something bigger.

What is coming towards you will be a chance for you to finally explore those what-if moments, and maybe turn your life around. It may not present itself as a shiny object though. So you have a great chance of rejecting the offer.

The Queen of Pentacles showed up twice in your reading. And so the universe asks you: In what ways can you find your own rhythm as it relates to the world?

An aspect of yourself longs for you to witness it.

Now is the time for you to trust yourself and finally take a chance on something new.

Trust yourself and take that career offer. It may not be what you expected, but it will lead you to new opportunities and growth.

Once this offer comes, seize it! And you will thank yourself after.

Listen is a clear reminder to be present and just feel. What does your environment call you to do? Be aware of your surroundings just like the young woman in the card. How can you connect to something bigger and deeper outside yourself?

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