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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for October 2021 summary:

Oracle: I acknowledge my fear, but I replace it with the insight of awareness | Energies: boredom; distracted

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Oracle | Taurus love tarot 

Taurus Love Tarot - DENIAL

Which aspect of your life that you need to let go of? What feels burdensome as far as your relationship is concerned? Do your multiple jobs take the time off your family? It is time to open up and be completely honest with yourself, Oracle says. 

Buried fears and resentments do not die; they merely fester and cause disease. It will be released only when you choose to acknowledge it. You give them power when you suppress them, Oracle asserts.

What are you sweeping under the rug? What brings you joy? Just because you need to buckle down and fend for yourself, it doesn’t mean that you should not have time to do things that you enjoy. 

Play is part of life that gives you a breather. Don’t deny it of yourself, so you can live authentically. Your imagination is uniquely your own, and it is a powerful tool for you to regenerate, if not connect with your inner child. 

Your soul wants to live honestly and authentically in the now. Don’t hinder it by placing emotional land mines on its path, Oracle asserts.

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8 of Swords

Eight of Swords

You are trapped in your bad habits, your deceptions, and your denials. You keep trying to explain your way out of your emotional problems without ever touching the heart of the matter.

You cling to your worst habits because you fear your personal progress will isolate you from those who do not want you to change.

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7 of Cups

Seven of Cups

This indicates wishful thinking. You fortify yourself with fanciful daydreams. Though this is a beautiful place to be, your choices may not e grounded in reality.

Though your imagination is vibrant and seemingly limitless, it is misapplied to feeding your deepest anxieties. You are limited by your potential fears and fail to make brave choices.

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6 - The Lovers

The Lovers (Major Arcana)

This card heralds healthy partnerships, unions born of consent and enthusiasm.

A cycle of mutual desire and beneficence is broken, leaving one or all involved parties feeling incomplete and bereft. 

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