Taurus Love Tarot – You Have Proven Them Wrong

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Taurus Love Tarot

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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for December 2022 summary:

Oracle: Embrace unmitigated growth | Energies: anxious; about to give up

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You may be in the constant need to explain yourself, dear Taurus. Let it go, even just for today. Just because you have proven all your detractors wrong it doesn’t mean that you will stay self-righteous. Moreover, just because you are right today, it doesn’t mean that you’d still be right tomorrow. Just remain open and calm just like how you were when you fought for this relationship in the beginning.

Celebrate small wins and give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t sit on your laurels.

Other people’s opinion about you and your lover is none of your business, so stay focused on self-improvement. You are emotionally fulfilled and everything you need has already manifested, so celebrate and remain grateful.

Your person wants to step back and be in their own world for a brief moment—let them be.

The Seashell is an evolutionary protector of life, Oracle says. Moreover, it is born with precision, forged to embody stability, and also a guardian of life. Channel the gentle and harmonious energy of the seashell, which is also ruled by benevolence and desire for growth. In what ways can you handle unexpected circumstances with maturity and patience?

Harsh conditions never falter you, dear Taurus. But more than surpassing these, you must also bear with you the lessons these conditions bring upon you. Look at it as a way to embrace all of life, and give yourself permission to be vulnerable too. The White Rose of Hope is here to also remind you to just keep swimming and focus on solutions. Illuminate the night with your grace.

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