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– Summary –

Oracle: Deep Knowing
Your current energy: driven but reserved
Your person’s energy: lucky


  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. This Taurus love today reading may be for another Taurus-born individual, and next Saturday’s message is the one for you.
  • I physically shuffle and take the jump cards. My daily love oracle readings are done intuitively.
  • Time is fluid. You may pick up spiritual messages here, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. For more guidance, you may like to see today’s three card tarot spread (it’s free!)
  • Energies of cards can be interchangeable, and not gender-specific
  • “Your person” (card on right) could be the person: you’re romantically involved with, on your mind, eyeing to date, or coming towards you. This could also be a friend (and they may need you right now).
  • Allow the cards to speak to you too. Answers always come if we’re open.

I bow down to the light in you. Thank you for visiting! /highfive!

Taurus love today reading

Queen of Wands | Page of Pentacles - 12122020 (Daily Tarot Spread)

Determined but gentle, this is the energy I can feel from your end. You have attracted this person (probably a fellow earth sign – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) because of your passion and strength–something they might be wishing to possess. Your ability to get what you want seems to be magnetic for the person you’re dealing with. You are driven and determined, but you know how to tame your inner beast.

The person you’re dealing with could be an ambitious person like you (could be a Capricorn), but they are shy and reserved too. Insecure but full of potential–this may be how you perceive this person. Be wary, however, that one of you is not seeing the other as a sort of conquest to fulfill one’s void.

Wishful thinking could be this person’s hobby, and they are enthusiastic about bringing their dreams to fruition. There is a potential for them to work with their ambition. There is some luck that surrounds this person, and perhaps you are one of their lucky charms.

Taurus love today guidance

Deep Knowing - Wisdom of the Oracle - 12122020

Your strong connection with this person may be coming from an inner sense of knowing. It’s not a personal conquest after all, but hypersensitivity to their needs. You just know, deep within you, that you are this person’s match.

You have that fire within you, and you are deeply connected with it. Your personality may be a go-getter but you are intuitive about your life choices. Spirit affirms your ability to let go of your logical mind because you know you to connect with your inner wisdom. You may feel like sometimes you don’t belong, but you just know how to receive guidance from unusual sources.

You may have a soft spot for this person whom you’ve met perhaps lifetimes before. There seems to be a strong connection at a level impossible to describe. This is an affirmation of your deep knowing about this person. Trust your heart to lead you now, Oracle says, because magic is about to happen. This connection could be serendipitous–hold onto it even if circumstances may seem to be uncertain right now. They are here for a reason–you just know it.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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