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Taurus Love Tarot

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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for May 2023 summary:

Oracle: Where do you need to establish better boundaries? | Energy: frustration

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Current energies | Taurus tarot

Oracle | Taurus tarot

Taurus Tarot - Boundaries

Spirit could be inviting you to lessen the energy you’ve been giving toward this person who’s being stubborn or is trying to hide things from you.

It’s time to create clearer boundaries in your life and don’t say yes even if you mean no. This will result in resentment and will leave you exhausted in the long run.

Please honor your truth, dear Taurus.

Do not attempt to change your person, nor be impatient with their own soul journey. They have their own karma. That means, what they need to learn in life will run its own course that you are not (and will never be) in control of.

Stay where you are and don’t put matters into your hands, because you are exactly where you need to be. If you feel like you are unlucky in relationships, then reflect on your own journey as well. What is the universe trying to teach you right now?

Dealing with someone difficult

Dealing with someone who’s being difficult could be a delicate situation, but here are some tips that may help, before you actually rush through a decision.

  1. Look for signs: If you suspect them to be lying, look for signs such as avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, inconsistencies in their story, or getting defensive when questioned.
  2. Stay calm and neutral: If you confront the person, try to remain calm and neutral. Avoid getting emotional or aggressive, as this can escalate the situation and make it harder to get to the truth.
  3. Ask open-ended questions: Just ask and never assume. Ask open-ended questions that allow the person to explain their story in detail. This can help you identify inconsistencies or gaps in their story.
  4. Listen carefully: Just observe their body language and tone of voice, and see how that matches their narrative.
  5. Seek help if necessary: Ask mutual friends or your relationship counselor for advice.

If you are at your wit’s end in dealing with this situation, know that you are already doing your part to make it work. Spirit reminds you that what you have planted will blossom soon. You really don’t have to press someone for truth, because the system will take care of itself!

Remember that relationships are always a two-way street, so let go of your need to rush through decision-making. That means, it might help if you will engage in a heartfelt conversation first, before you assume and judge them for their choices.

Express your truth but acknowledge their own journey as well. If something does not sit well with you, assert what you would appreciate for them to do.

When your boundaries are clear, others know where they stand and you are able to give freely, Oracle asserts. Ask yourself right now: Where in your life do you need to express and establish better boundaries?

A message for you

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Star Spinner back of card
4 of Wands

Four of Wands

Now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments with your loved ones.

The foundations you have built feel unsteady. Someone in your life might believe they are fully committed to something when they still have doubts.

Star Spinner back of card
King of Swords

King of Swords

The embodiment of intellectual authority. You or someone around you exercises logic and reason, honoring histories, legality, and tact.

The King of Swords in this position warns of an abuse of power and authority. You might be ruled by bias, convincing yourself that your unfounded personal notions are objective facts. Others might be abusing their relationships with you and you might feel used, but are unsure why.

Star Spinner back of card
4 of Swords

Four of Swords

This indicates rest and reprieve. You have endured much, and you must take it upon yourself to retreat and recharge until you are better able to come back to your life.

You have attempted to power through trauma and adversity, to your detriment. You are plagued with a skittish restlessness that defies your weariness.

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