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Virgo daily love oracle - 6/24/2020

Welcome to your free online oracle reading. This is your Virgo daily love oracle for 24 Jun 2020, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign. Although created for this date, it is noteworthy to also consider that time is fluid, and you may pick up inspirational spiritual messages from this oracle reading, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. Please take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow’s message is the one for you.

I base my readings from physically shuffled jump cards, while being surrounded by the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency, consequently for love messages to raise vibration frequencies.

Two (2) drawn tarot cards from the Shadowscapes deck are the current energies. While interchangeable, we start off with your current energy (left). The one on the right is the energy of the person you’re dealing with: it may be your partner, the person on your mind, the person you’re eyeing to date, or the person who might be coming towards you. Next is the Oracle guidance.

I encourage you to allow the cards speak to you too. My interpretation is not the right and only way to read it. Sometimes the answers come to you just through your openness. So, let’s begin!

Disconnection notice

Virgo daily love oracle - 6/24/2020

Hidden feelings are starting to come out of the surface, dear Virgo. Certainty is starting to come to light, and you are on your journey towards illumination. The Moon card in reversed means lack of direction and/or clarity, but it feels like you are leaning more towards clarity and the known. This is a Major Arcana card, so it is a major turning point in your life. Being the Virgo that you are, you may have spent a long time overthinking, and this is a major progress towards respecting your journey. Anxieties are now subsiding.

It feels like you are concerned about your partner, Virgo, who may have been struggling with finances or their luxurious lifestyle. It feels like they are feeling disconnected with “the new normal”. They may be very social and loves to throw parties, but right now feels a little bit off-center because “the new normal” is not what they’re used to. He/she does not feel self-sufficient, and they find it difficult to adjust.

I feel a certain disconnect with these energies–almost like you are both focusing on your own issues at the moment. Maybe you are disconnected, at a distance, or in no-communication mode with each other?

No questions asked

Virgo daily love oracle

When the seawater rises
to become a cloud,
it loses its bitterness
and pours the rain of sweetness.

I have given you only a few examples,
You can figure out the rest.
Break away from the self
and enter the Kingdom of Love

– Rumi

I feel that I need to draw two cards for you, Virgo. And quite surprisingly (or not), both your cards have the same meaning–to just love without question, to express it without condition.You are invited to dance in the rhythm of love. Do not worry if your world seems to come to an end, or you are losing someone you once loved. Whatever it is you’re holding onto, let it go and let it grow. Come from a space of love, and allow it to transform. Get dizzy dancing–be crazy, feel insane–and pour in love to the authenticity of your heart’s longing. Love heals.

If this is where we part ways, I wish you well, dear Virgo. Hoping to see you tomorrow!


A READING BY A | 24 Jun 2020

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments!


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