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Virgo Love Tarot

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Your free Virgo love tarot reading for November 2023 summary:

Oracle: Priestess | Energy: excited about one thing, anxious about another

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Virgo love tarot full reading

Virgo love tarot Oracle message

Priestess (Virgo Love Nov 2023)

A crossroad of life-altering decisions is staring at you, beautiful Virgo. The uncertainty of what lies ahead gently nags at your heart. Unaddressed conflicts hover like a dark mist, causing you to hesitate before stepping forward.

This fear of the unknown is your anchor, holding you back when change is calling. You’re yearning for something new, but the risk seems like a daunting leap of faith.

Amidst this internal struggle, a potential life partner shines like a beacon. Yet due to existing complications, they appear out of reach, causing a sense of frustration and confusion.

You may feel helpless like you’re stuck in a storm without a compass. You’re torn between different scenarios causing your mind to spin as usual.

But remember, dear Virgo, there’s hope. There’s a spark of excitement for what could be, though skepticism may cast a shadow. You’ve felt this joy before and can find your way back.

The Priestess card is calling you to step up and lead.

If you feel you are being called to lead, chances are it is because, at some point in your life, you longed for someone to lead you.

Leaders have the courage to go first. Are you ready to make that move?

Tell your story and people who resonate will share theirs too. And that’s the start of some soulful connection you may have been longing for. Don’t overthink this.

Your tribe is simply a reflection of who you are, and they could be right around the corner. Step forward so they can find you. They have been waiting for you.

You don’t need to have it all figured out to go out there. In fact, it’s preferable if you don’t. Nobody is looking for a flawless angel who hasn’t tripped over life’s hurdles.

Get out of your own bubble, Virgo.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

You or someone around you is eager to explore new creative or professional opportunities. There is money to be made, and you are excited to participate in this environment.

You are getting in your own way. You set unrealistic goals, and neglect to learn the basics of your job. You might be inexperienced but haughty, refusing to do any task you deem beneath you. Seek guidance and learn from the parts of your work that seem unglamorous.

Star Spinner back of card
9 - Hermit

The Hermit (Major Arcana)

You are assessing what happened to inform your place in the world.

Is your confidence broken, unable to forgive yourself? You may have withdrawn yourself out of fear of irreparable mistakes.

Star Spinner back of card
4 of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

There is a desire for stability and control. You have not been as intentional as you had hoped, and you feel inclined to scale back your spending to conserve your resources.

Your relationship with money is unstable. There is a pattern of fiscal irresponsibility that you have not fully examined.

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