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– Summary –

Oracle: To be fair
Your current energy: domineering
Your person’s energy:


  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. This Virgo love today reading may be for another Virgo-born individual, and next Thursday’s message is the one for you.
  • I physically shuffle and take the jump cards. My daily love oracle readings are done intuitively.
  • Time is fluid. You may pick up spiritual messages here, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. For more guidance, you may like to see today’s three card tarot spread (it’s free!)
  • Energies of cards can be interchangeable, and not gender-specific
  • “Your person” (card on right) could be the person: you’re romantically involved with, on your mind, eyeing to date, or coming towards you. This could also be a friend (and they may need you right now).
  • Allow the cards to speak to you too. Answers always come if we’re open.

I bow down to the light in you. Thank you for visiting! /highfive!

Virgo love today reading

Virgo love today - 10152020

You and the person you’re dealing with are exhibiting fiery energies, but it’s either tamed inside and unexpressed, or with a wrongful intention. You as the King (not gender-specific and reversed), seems to be currently overbearing. This is the “my way or the highway” kind of vibe.

While I feel like you are the 2 of Wands here because of its careful planning vibe (that’s Virgo-ish), either way I feel like there’s a major hurdle that both of you need to handle with fair judgment. I can feel both blaming and dismissive energies, so you may need to dip yourself in the water and cool down, not escape.

This King of Wands reversed individual has the energy of a bully type–he/she wants it his/her way and almost like forces the other person to be on board with them. You could be in a relationship with this person (or it could be you), and the other individual in this relationship subtly turns their back away, almost planning an escape.

The Two of Wands individual surveys the land ahead, and perhaps assessing where to go to once they leave this “King” once and for all.

Virgo love today guidance

Virgo love today - To be Fair - 10152020

This is the energy of Libra–justice, balance, harmony. Spirit assures you that all experiences have their place. That means, if you feel discontent with how you are treated right now, remember that the universe will eventually create that perfect balance. This card is a reminder of karma, cause and effect, and that you reap what you sow.

If there are arguments all over the place, perhaps you are invited to contemplate on whether you have been listening all along, or vice versa. Is there a perfect mix between listening and speaking, as well as doing and being? Be fair to your self, especially if you perceive yourself as someone who has been treating your person fair enough since the start.

Justice will eventually prevail, but it wouldn’t even hurt if you take the step towards giving yourself that much-needed justice (or liberation) that you feel that you deserve. Inequity doesn’t have to define your experience, Oracle says.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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