Virgo Tarot – Finally Freeing Yourself

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Virgo Love Tarot

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Your free Virgo love tarot reading for July 2023 summary:

Oracle: You need a leg up | Your energy: peace

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Current energies | Virgo tarot 

Oracle | Virgo tarot 

Virgo Tarot - A Leg Up

Receive help to keep your momentum, dear Virgo. You are free and there is no turning back. It’s time to move towards what (or who) you truly deserve. And yes, you deserve it.

You are about to meet or reunite with someone with whom you’re truly connected. For some, that means wedding bells, but for others, that could mean being done once and for all. So either way, congratulations!

Relationships that are healthy thrive on interdependence, Oracle says. Moreover, it’s important to recognize that you need others as much as they need you.

Some people just can see through you without being in a relationship with you. This person is out there—find him/her.

It’s okay to be vulnerable, so give yourself permission to heal. If something is falling away from you, trust that it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with them either. It’s just that your energies are not aligned or incompatible.

You deserve this freedom. And if ever you feel like it’s not for you, maybe you just need a leg up. You don’t have to venture into the magic of new beginnings alone!

Moreover, there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish.

A Leg Up is a clear affirmation that healing is coming your way. Miracles can happen, so once again, just trust and enjoy the process. Perhaps Spirit wants you to witness the beautiful aspects of yourself that have been longing to be witnessed by you.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
13 - Death

Death (Major Arcana)

Though it may initially read as a bad omen, Death simply refers to cycles of change in a broader sense.

You may lack proper closure, and unable to let go of the past.

Star Spinner back of card
9 of Cups

Nine of Cups

You are at a place where you can be proud of your achievements. You are happy, and your goals are nearing completion.

Nothing has turned out the way you hoped. Your dreams seem further out of reach than ever before. Your sacrifices yield little satisfaction.

Star Spinner back of card
9 of Wands

Nine of Wands

You are resilient in times of weariness. There is no giving up when your goals are so close.

Your setbacks have proven to be too much, and you feel broken under the weight of your responsibilities. The journey has been long and unfulfilling.

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