Zodiac Crystals: Achieve Balance Beyond Birthstones

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The moment you appreciate a crystal for its color, beauty, luster, or just its plain size and structure, you are already connecting with it. Crystal connection works through your attraction to the properties they exhibit, if not the frequencies they emit. Hence, the most beautiful part is when you connect with a crystal by how it feels–like a magnetic attraction towards a person. It’s energetic, and you just know. Sounds vague? Try getting one and see how it makes you feel. The best way to start is through zodiac crystals.

As an energy healer myself, how I feel the moment I encounter a crystal is the exact way I connect with its healing force. While gem birthstones are our gateway to crystal knowledge, two of the most important tips from a gemology expert are: find that suits your personality, and that which brings you joy.

So, I identified the best traits inherent of the zodiac and picked a zodiac crystal that balances those. Each sign is sub-divided to Yin and Yang: the latter is for feeding the zodiac’s identified strength/s, and the former is a healing crystal for that zodiac.

Use the Yang crystal if you want to take action on and enhance that trait. Use the Yin crystal if you just want to sit back and receive from the energies of the crystal. Enjoy!

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Pisces, the consummate artist

Pisces-born individuals are highly creative, and their emotions can go to greater depths. Hence, it becomes too difficult sometimes to pull back to its neutral state.

Feelings are of course best honored whether it’s positive or not, and emotional connection is what makes the Pisces tick. That’s why Pisces prototypes are the poets and artists–expect magnanimity and genuinely expressed emotions through their creations.

Zodiac Crystals - Pisces

For the introverted Pisces, citrine is your ultimate helper. Use a citrine to transmute negative energies into positive, and to manifest your desires. That means, this solar plexus chakra will help you to take control of your life, and believe in yourself, especially if negative emotions keep on dragging you down. 


Aquamarine is for emotional clarity. Besides giving off an immediate calming vibe, it will bring perspective to feelings of overwhelm and conflict. Pisces-born individuals are sensitive to energies to the point of being fragile because magnified emotions are their default state.

I would want to include obsidian which would work best for the empathic Pisces, but I would have to limit it to two choices, otherwise, this list would go on forever. However, I am glad to find one that has all of them

Aquarius, the detached humanitarian

The ultimate humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius is brimming with vision and filled with dedication. Aquarius-born individuals are willing to expend their energies towards good causes and are too compassionate they sometimes forget about their well-being. In return, Aquarius in relationships is often misconstrued as someone who couldn’t care less.

Be warned about getting romantically involved with an Aquarius if quality time is your love language! 

Zodiac Crystals - Aquarius

Garnet is a stone of commitment and sexual potency. If you’re an Aquarius, work with a garnet to awaken the kundalini energy–this is the nurturing force associated with the divine feminine. Work with a garnet to energize you in your humanitarian endeavors.


Opal allows you to receive because it returns to you what you give out. Hence, opal is a karmic stone that also encourages more positivity out to the world. You can even feel the positivity just by its hue.

For this variation, my top-rated pick is a lovely ring, which exudes the elegance of garnet but tempered with the modesty of an opal.

Capricorn, the grounded mountain climber

Highly ambitious and dedicated, Capricorns love to be their optimal selves career-wise. They love integrity and quality as they do their work, so a well-deserved break is what they need. 

Zodiac Crystals - Capricorn

Through their obstinate nature, Cappies run the risk of expressing their opinion with intensity, if not with condescension. Chrysocolla may balance that, as it can teach a Cappie when to speak and when to be silent. 


A hardworking Capricorn deserves a self-care ritual per night, and a better way to immediately receive healing energy is through a Celestite by the bedside. 

Capricorn thinks like a fire sign but acts as an earth sign. That means, Capricorn-born individuals think so fierce but are so down-to-earth they wouldn’t even brag about their vision.

Choose your poison

If you resonate with those traits as a Capricorn, I would have to allow you to choose your yin vs. yang poison. Since a Celestite is a must-have regardless of your zodiac, check out my top-rated cluster here. I am recommending this specifically to you because it’s a must-have raised to the nth level.

Sagittarius, the unforgiving go-getter

The ultra-talented individuals who do not even shy away from their dreams, Sagittarius-born individuals are so brave. They love to go for what they want, without reservations.

I chose kunzite to balance the heart space with their upbeat and extroverted nature. Green aventurine is also for the heart space, to maximize loving energies as they pursue passions with unbridled ambition. This will guide them to come from a place of love, no matter what.

Zodiac crystals - Sagittarius

An all-around healer, green aventurine brings comfort and aids the unforgiving Sagittarius to care for the heart’s well-being. Most Sagittarius-born individuals are strict with finances, so green aventurine may very well help a Sag to be luckier. Likewise, green aventurine aids in attracting opportunities and fortune–just how the Sag like it to be.


Sagittarius-born are rational and brutally honest, so kunzite may help them remove obstacles, but at the same time communicate lovingly. Kunzite radiates peace and awakens the heart chakra.

Top-rated pick

This 3-pc tower combination of green aventurine, rose quartz, and amethyst amplify the unique intentions of prosperity, love, and protection. Rose quartz is a cheaper alternative to kunzite, and amethyst is one of the go-to crystals for the Sagittarius-born. Overall, I picked this because of its rating, value for money, and multifunctionality.

Scorpio, the intuitive mastermind

Loving, loyal, and equally lovable, Scorpio-born individuals are the ultimate empaths of the zodiac. They are deeply intuitive and are adept at reading nonverbal cues. Fully in touch with both their emotions (heart chakra) and their intuition (third eye), Scorpios are both affectionate and cunning.

As a fixed water sign, however, they stick to their guns so hard they are often perceived as unreasonable and demanding. They know what they are talking about, so most of the time you wouldn’t even win an argument with them.

Zodiac Crystals - Scorpio

Because Scorpios are psychically sensitive, they are mostly observant if not broody. Hence, they are so mysterious but are thoroughly opinionated. Red jasper can spark that fire, but at the same time brings spiritual grounding.

Red Jasper will help the affectionate Scorpio to clear electromagnetic pollution, and at the same time align their innate gifts. This stone aligns the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the etheric realm, which are the aspects of the self that Scorpios often access and utilize. It brings vitality and enhances stamina for the sensual Scorpio, and at the same time, it encourages determination for this often-perceived timid sign. 


If a Scorpio wishes to work on grounding at the same time strengthen psychic connection, work with smoky quartz. Both a root and crown chakra activator, this is the ideal crystal for an empath.

Smoky quartz is like a piece of the earth in a glass, it is both a calming agent and an amplifier. 

Scorpios can be sponges for negativity, so smoky quartz can both aid with anxiety, and at the same time protect them. 

A handmade option could best accentuate the sensuality of a Scorpio, so here’s an artisanal ring as my top-rated pick for this zodiac sign.

Libra, the charming peacemaker

Libra-born individuals are so harmonizing and sociable, they are misunderstood as flirtatious. They are like your yoga teachers who value connectedness and are just oh so friendly. Go to their birthday party, and you get to see a diverse bunch, because Libras can get along almost with everybody.


Abundant with creative ideas, the energy of the peridot greatly complements, if not mirrors Libras’ vibe. A Libra who wishes to work on a routine and identify their exact soul purpose will jive well with peridot. 

Just by looking at peridot, you will channel the joyous and light energy of a Libra. Therefore, use this crystal to enhance that vibe. While I am a fan of rough cut and raw crystals, I can’t help but think that a sophisticated pair of earrings is the best match to a Libra’s seductive vibe!

Peridot will enhance a Libra’s intellectual and spiritual pursuit, but at the same time help in self-forgiveness–for inconsistencies or lack of focus!

Libra crystals

For the Libra, receive the power of black obsidian as you go around the social corners of the world. As a Libra connects with various individuals, this stone can help them banish negativity.

A repeller crystal that embodies the protective energy of Archangel Michael, black obsidian can dissolve anger, fear, and criticism that they may have encountered with people they have (no choice) to spend most of their time with. 

For the purpose of calling back a Libra’s vibrant energy, I would recommend having black obsidian in an intimate home space. It’s perfect to reclaim energies that may have been lost around incessant social interactions. This could also protect the Libra-born individual from negative energies to be carried around the house.

Virgo, the detail-oriented wallflower

The perfectionist problem solver, Virgos will get rich if you pay them to tell what’s wrong with you. They are highly critical individuals but are highly critical of themselves too. Hence, most of them have self-imposed limiting belief systems, allowing them to miss out on the magical surprises of life. Virgos are the forerunners of a rigid structure and pragmatic perspective in the zodiac.


Desert rose selenite dissolves self-imposed programs and helps with the daily affirmations towards a Virgo’s life purpose. Selenite in itself is an angelic stone that gives off that confidence-building energy. Holding and having one feels like being with your trustworthy buddy, with whom a Virgo easily opens up. 

Use a desert rose selenite to release unwanted energies, as you navigate the world. Virgos are street smart, witty, and highly critical. Hence, a self-empowering stone would be a great benefit to the skeptic Virgo.


Turquoise is a Sagittarius birthstone, but I personally identify its properties beneficial to a Virgo. Just by looking at a turquoise crystal, it brings calmness. Moreover, as a throat chakra activator, it enhances communication, both physical and spiritual, so the Virgo can actually help themselves ease self-doubt. It destroys self-sabotaging behavior and enhances self-realization. 

Virgos are the Santa’s Little Helpers–they work beautifully for others, but their skepticism often precedes the acknowledgment of their own beautiful hearts. 

Zodiac crystals - Virgo
My thoughts

A turquoise is much easier to find, so if I were to pick one between the two (of course intention should always come first), I would go for a desert rose selenite along with other calming crystals, in an Amazon’s Choice, top-rated all-in-one set.

Leo, the compassionate attention grabber

The leader of the pack who does not shy away from the limelight, Leo-born individuals are bold and bright. While perceived to be dominant and too proud, Leos are the ultimate epitome of yin and yang.

They are both bold and nurturing, flamboyant, and big-hearted. While they love receiving the attention so much so that they are misconstrued as arrogant, Leos are givers by nature. 

Tourmaline balances the yin and yang, so Leos may feel the urge to balance aggression with over-passivity through these gemstones.


Ruby tourmaline strengthens the ability to understand love, and promotes tactfulness. Harness your extroversion with this gemstone, but at the same time detach from physical pain. Use it with black tourmaline to relieve stress, worry, or obsessive behavior.


Black tourmaline absorbs negative, excess energies, and deals with energetic pollution. Black tourmaline is your talisman against detractors, as it absorbs negativity. I personally use this in a Reiki detoxification session.

Leos need both balancing and grounding energies, so these two tourmaline stones work congruently with Leo’s energy.

Zodiac crystals - Leo
Top-rated pick

1 lb of Brazilian black tourmaline to avoid electromagnetic radiation in your workspace. While that could be too much of a tourmaline frenzy, this is one of the best gifts, for energetic protection.

Most crystal fans would not find a tourmaline attractive, so this is the last stone they would consider. But little did they know, this is one of the most powerful and protective stones on the face of the earth.

Cancer, the complex puzzle 

Cancer-born individuals are as sensitive as a fire sensor, but as hard-shelled as a crustacean. They may come off as cold and distant, but they can easily pick up another person’s vibe. Therefore, they are difficult to read, but they can read you so quickly you do not even have to speak. 


For the Cancer-born, use sodalite to enhance your intuitive perception and speak your truth. Sometimes Cancer-born individuals appear to be passive-aggressive, so they may need to work on verbalizing their feelings. Sodalite would help with that, as it is both the throat chakra balancer and a third eye activator.

Sodalite encourages self-acceptance for instances of feeling insecure. Above all, sodalite is for the oversensitive who needs to stabilize emotions, without losing your rhyme and reason.


Lepidolite enables Cancer-born individuals to receive a gentle hug from the universe, as this stone mops stress and depressive energies out. This is for mood swings and deep concentration. 

Cancer-born individuals have the tendency to hold a grudge, so lepidolite may help you stand in your own space, free from the influences of others, and balance your loving energies.

Stones for Cancer energy balancing
Top-rated pick

Those born under the sign of Cancer are so moody you don’t even know what crystal to give at the right time (that’s supposed to be a joke). Hence, I think a whole box of various crystals would work best for the Cancer-born, so they can instantly pick up a little helper with their current mood. The best starter pack I’ve seen includes both sodalite and lepidolite.

Gemini, the Zodiac’s Peter Pan

Gemini is the epitome of an inner child well-taken care of. They are vibrant and bubbly social butterflies who are non-judgmental, forgiving, and very generous. However, through their carefree nature, they appear to be elusive, confusing, and just all talk.


To enhance a Gemini’s soul expression, this crystal may help them reach their highest potential. An aqua aura quartz embodies the energy of the Gemini–filled with awe and wonder, unapologetically authentic, and loves creating something new. While this crystal is as vibrant and energetic as a Gemini, it also calms the aura as it facilitates spiritual communication. 


Receive harmony among all chakras by wearing a moonstone. Sometimes the Gemini-born’s vibe is all over the place, so a moonstone would be helpful to calm them down. It connects divine energies for guidance and nurturing. Aqua Aura Quartz and Moonstone

Top-rated pick

Both the aforementioned stones are iridescent and would look pretty for a lady. So I am a little bit biased here in choosing a handmade bracelet that’s unique enough to bring together the lovely vibe of the two. Usually, a moonstone is an alternative to a diamond ring, because it’s pretty, chic, but not that expensive. They are unusually crafted together, and no two crystals are the same, so check out such a rare find here

Taurus, the stubborn stunner

Every trait I can think of a Taurus-born individual starts with the letter S: sensual, steady, and stubborn. Being both a fixed and an earth sign, a Taurus is so stable and grounded, you can rely on them on any project (or even a secret). And because they’re steady as a rock but as temperamental as a bull, they are sometimes perceived to be inflexible and jealous.


As a Taurus, if you want to balance your love for anything beautiful with your hedonistic tendencies, hematite can help you with that. While it is a yang stone that greatly boosts self-esteem, it is also grounding. It enhances willpower and transforms negative energies into positive. You are affectionate and sensual, so enhance it with the hematite that washes away timidity.


Earth signs are lovers of anything material, but a Taurus can be guilty of over-indulgence. Squash those materialistic tendencies with the gemstone that works well with every earth sign–the Sapphire. Connect more with your higher self, and access the divine wisdom. Receive peace of mind and serenity and channel your royal self through the energy of the sapphire.

Taurus stones

Personally, I find Hematite less pretty to be worn, so I am recommending a hematite obelisk for your desk or personal space. This type releases stagnant energies. Moreover, it embodies the grounded and solid nature of a Taurus. On the other hand, Sapphire is widely available and it is also your birthstone, so I’m pretty sure you’re in possession of a lovely piece (hello, Taurus).

Aries, the optimistic fighter

The Emperor of the zodiac, Aries, is ambitious and strong-willed they can be perceived as pushy and domineering. As much as they are competitive with others, they wouldn’t even give you a half-baked output.

They will give everything wholeheartedly, sometimes at their own expense. Unstoppable and loyal to their beliefs, you can learn how to be fierce through an Aries-born friend.

Aries zodiac crystal

To propel those passionate action coupled with patience, Howlite is the best stone to help the Aries-born with that. Inasmuch as it absorbs anger, it aids in overcoming selfish and critical tendencies. Moreover, it can be used for yin balancing too, because it can calm turbulent emotions and offer grounding. Choose something to wear, so you could tap into its energy most of the time.


Receive healing while enhancing your gut feel through the bloodstone. Its energy is so strong as yours, but at the same time, it is powerful enough to cleanse your energy and tone down those bloody thoughts. Use a palm stone type if you wish to use it for healing as you cap off your day, or try a pocket stone to keep you protected and worry-free as you step out of your door. 

Last words

This is a guide on how to pick a crystal that could both empower (yang) and heal (yin) you. I matched a crystal spiritual meaning with your common and unique traits, so you will have an idea of how you can work on your strengths, and acknowledge your weaknesses through a crystal’s help.

It is up to you to decide how you would use it, and what type would you be using (ring, necklace, home decor, etc.). Pick a crystal that is so attractive it speaks to you, because you can spiritually connect with it if you approach it this way.

Essentially, your intention is what matters. You can fully maximize its healing force if you communicate how you want to be helped. However, if you are not yet sure about crystals, try holding one and take it from there. 

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