What is High Vibes?: 5 signs

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We all vibrate in a certain frequency–our energies–higher when healthy, and lower if sick or encumbered by negative emotions. Being high vibes is the triad of the human existence’s alignment: our mind, body, and spirit. Analogous to train wagons, these three intersect and interconnect, powered by electricity. And that electric power is our emotions.

What is High Vibes - A dog exuding high vibes!
Why do I need to know high vibes?

High vibes is the pinnacle of manifestation. It is the secret to transforming your heart’s desires to something tangible. If you want to attract what you want, or generally just live long enough to enjoy life, then you should be aware of your own vibration.

Your vibration is how you communicate with the universe. The universe is abundant, but it wouldn’t know how to give what you want if you don’t speak its language. Being high vibes is like being in priority lane–your wish will be granted quickly, and it will multiply exponentially.

But before we identify how to get there, I will first discuss what exactly is high vibes?

The prototype

Prototypes of individuals with high vibes are your supermodels, rock stars, and celebrities. You may vehemently react with, “of course not!” I will explain this below (please read on), and just a quick reminder–speaking of high vibes–be mindful of how you react to unpleasant beings and experiences, regardless of their ingenuity in striking a nerve.

Being in high vibes has nothing to do with morality, nor intelligence. It has nothing to do with being born talented, intelligent, or beautiful. It has nothing to do with culture and education. But it has something to do with nurturing our energies, our relationship with our emotions, and how we cultivate a mindset to empower our electric power which is our emotions.

How influencers are right (or wrong)

You can always hear from influencers that being in high vibration could mean living your life to the fullest. They will tell you to eat this, try this diet, go on meditation, do yoga. Be grateful, change your mindset, and the list go on. While they are actually right, it feels so vague and sounds so privileged like being able to write about it in English!

So you wonder, what is high vibes? Let me enumerate what is high vibes to me, other than being happy or chasing happiness, which deserves another post on its own. Here are my top 5 signs that you are high vibes, and it is not what others have told you before!

1. You are light.

This is where the “eat gluten-free,” “eat veggies,” or “stop smoking” pieces of advice come in. Garbage in, garbage out, just like what we learn in computing. Everything in its original state is pure vibration.

Anything altered, just like processed food, also alters cell vitality. We all get that already. So we shift our focus to what is high vibes–perhaps an alternative–if we would like to enjoy anything we eat, and still feel in high vibe. Of course shifting to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to do it, but what if you do not have the means to go organic? What if you hate veggies?

Guilt lowers your vibration

Being in high vibe is letting go of that guilt. Being light is detaching yourself from people, thoughts, possessions that weigh you down. Marie Kondo is right about tapping into joy when letting something go. Ask whether a possession still brings you joy. If not, let it go. Channel that while you eat your favorite burger.

If it brings you joy, let the guilt go.

More than mindfulness in what we put in, being light also means letting go of fear. We often hear, “let go of negative emotions, and all those that no longer serve you.” But we all know that if you are in a rut–feeling depressed and lonely–you can not even (for the life of you) do this! 

Quick tip: How to know if it has to go

You would know that it is a “negative emotion” that needs letting go if it pops into your mind at random, and your initial reaction is either forget about it, not today, or let’s not talk about it. You brush it off so quick, like a fly on your food. The moment you face it head on, you will feel lighter in an instant. Freedom. That is high vibe.

2. You know the ways to get good luck

You are feeling lucky all the time. Getting lucky is elusive to most. But actually there’s no trick, only feelings! It doesn’t mean living a good life, but feeling like you’re already living it. It is as if you are the richest person in the world. Remember that cheapass stuff you bought at a bargain, feeling like you have scored the most expensive item in the world? That moment you felt that–that is high vibe.

Luck is for all

Being lucky is not exactly being born out of a unique star alignment that only happens to few individuals chosen by God. Being lucky is the openness to receive, the gratitude to blessings (even if it hasn’t arrived yet), and the strong belief that you are already abundant.

It’s not about star alignment, it’s all about self-doubt. Self-doubt is self-sabotage. Feeling lucky is the faith that something extremely good is coming your way. When I talk about manifestation with friends, I always term it as, it’s like fooling yourself into believing it is coming your way. Because it really is. And that’s what our high vibe friends often tell us about gratitude and positivity.

3. Unapologetically you

What is High Vibes - There is no face for high vibes, you just feel it!

You are a magnet. You are attractive. And no, it has nothing to do with being supermodel-level kind of beautiful. It has nothing to do with how you present yourself, or how gifted you are genetically, but it is being comfortable in your own skin–no matter how awful you are to other people.

So, does being comfortable in your own skin mean you don’t have to work on your flaws? No. Accept your flaws. Own it.

Show up as you are

Somewhere down the road, it will hit you–universe will trample you down if these flaws need some working. And I’m not talking about physical flaws. I’m talking about attitude. So, right now, just show up as you are. Allow the “trample down” happen in the future. It’s okay to receive a kick in the ass every once in a while. This is where the “it’s okay to fail” advice comes in. It means you’re growing. So let your failure worry about itself in the future, or go back to point # 2: it’s not gonna happen tomorrow! Just focus on the now (that’s up next).

What about those obnoxious rock stars?

Ever wonder why rock stars are found to be attractive even if some are obnoxious? It’s because they are unknowingly diligent about authenticity. They are not people pleasers, but are only devoted to being themselves.

Owning your beauty and feeling like you are the most attractive person in the world is high vibes. If by any chance you google about “how to be attractive” and you just don’t feel like it, just fake it ’til you make it. Now, don’t apologize for faking it. I’m talking about the practice of feeling beautiful, not faking beauty (there’s a difference).

There’s a thin, thin line between confidence and arrogance, and that thin line is intention.

Intention-setting is crucial. This is your answer to “Why are you doing/saying this?” and “For what purpose?” Personally, I like setting an intention about a value that I wish to cultivate.

Always remember, anything that we throw out in the universe should be for the highest good. Otherwise, universe will throw it right back to our face.

4. Being present

You do not take in more than what you can chew. You allow the future to worry about itself. Stop and smell the roses–easier said than done, but it just feels natural to you to be the fruit ninja to the lone fruit in front of you. Aligned with point # 1, you let go of the past. You are open (if not entirely positive) about the future.

This is where the usual advice to practice yoga and meditation comes in, because you are allowing yourself to surrender. You have the humility to accept what cannot be changed from the past, the strength to be the best fruit ninja to the lemons thrown at you, and the serenity to accept what the future holds.

Take life as it happens

This could even mean being fearless about transitioning to the next life. You are not afraid to die. This not about a self-sacrificing, or a selfish way of risking your life just to go with the flow. It is about readiness. It is about taking life as it happens, like a tree with roots so grounded and leaves so confident, but enriched with pure wisdom to accept its fate. And no no no no no, we are not to judge what fate is. We can accept, but not determine.

High vibes is feeling almost ready to be taken down any time, but grounded enough to feel that it wouldn’t even happen.

Being in high vibe does not only pertain to an Instagram-worthy beauty or a Youtube-ready aura–it is grounded, at peace with where you are at. And it is timeless. You are classic.

5. Feeling like a childchild-like

The Inner Child and the Spacesuit
a kid feeling amazed by the growth of a plant!

Feeling like a child, we feel limitless. But culture and upbringing had to tame it. We put up a mask–a spacesuit–that we believed to be our sole identity as we get older. As this spacesuit grows with our age, we forget to see the beauty in small things, and we don’t believe in magic as we used to.

“Why do I feel like a child?” Most of the time you ask this question. Almost like point # 3, but this is more about being in touch with your inner child. When we were kids we had desires that we had not communicated clearly to our carers. We had no idea how tangible love can be, and how our existence brings joy to adults (or not). We learned to equate love with attachment. Some desires were never communicated at all, and some were not supported.

The Inner Child vs. Immaturity

Feeling like a child has nothing to do with immaturity.

You would actually know if it’s immaturity when you hear “you’re like a child” from friends, and there are no feelings of being child-like at all. Remember that feeling when you have met your twin flame or soulmate–no judgment. You feel like you’re a child again. Being in that feeling is being high vibe. That’s why being in love gives that radiance.

Feeling like a child is about playfulness, openness, pure love, discovery, vulnerability, curiosity, and trust. Moreover, it is feeling weird, being weird, allowing to others to be weird around you. You do not sweat the small stuff, and you communicate in ways that feels safe for the other. It’s not actually getting rid of your spacesuit quite often, it is also allowing and helping others to let go of their spacesuits too.

Do you remember that first moment in kindergarten when you met your first ever friend from school? Can you remember the feeling of openness and curiosity towards you? That’s exactly the child-like qualities we may have already lost, but one of the most significant traits that greatly alter our frequency.


High vibes (high vibration) is feeling as if you are the most powerful person in the world. You don’t have to be physically powerful, you just have to feel you are. Therefore, these positive feelings are exactly what being in the highest frequency means. Think of being the highest, most potent version of yourself–that’s high vibes. And the work is just cultivated and harnessed within.

Yes, you can be high vibes!

High vibes is for everybody, and it is achievable. If it feels easy for you to let go, trust, speak your truth, be playful, and be child-like, then yes, you operate in high vibe. If you are in high vibe, you attract all your desires, and you feel so happy.

High vibes shields you from any sickness

High vibes shields you away from negative emotions. So if you work on it, you have natural immunity (that’s a Reiki “secret”!). It is also a cultivation practice, just like yoga and meditation (learn more about the best meditation app).

Keyword is: practice. There is no right or wrong way, you just have to do it consistently, sometimes all over again. There is no destination. You need not aim for an ending! This is not a movie.

Imagine a universal potential of all the best in life, which is in reality, within your reach. Just like every mom’s reminder: You can be who you want to be. And it is actually truer than what you can imagine. Emotions transcend space and time. Ask Einstein.

Is there something that you think is not included in the list? I would love to hear about it! Please feel free to share your thoughts! /highfive!

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kaycee · July 7, 2020 at 4:12 am

I dint really get what the topic was about. I didnt really connect with you initially but i had to take my time and go through it. Its a good one.  People need to have high vibes cos most importantly, its good for the health. I like the comment you made, High vibes is the pinnacle of manifestation. It is the secret to transforming your heart’s desires to something tangible. In addition to hard work, this is also required.

    A · July 7, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    Thank you, Kaycee, for dropping by! Thank you for taking time to read it, and I’m glad you went through it still. 🙂 



Christine · July 7, 2020 at 5:26 am


I loved reading this post! I have had two stressful months that ended with an issue I could not solve, and after those two months of working so hard to solve the issue, I was left feeling numb and empty … This post came to me at the right time, reminding me of what I should focus on. I have always loved letting my inner child out, for then I feel the most connected with myself. I have not meditated in months, because of a construction on a lot across from mine, the workers make much noise (shouting, music, etc) and they often inadvertently provoke my dogs, so meditation gets many interruptions … The construction is nearly done, it seems, so I am looking forward to some quiet time and meditation time. 

There is still so much I need to learn when it concerns communicating with the Universe. I have gotten much better over the years, but it is an ongoing learning process.

    A · July 7, 2020 at 6:33 pm

    Awww. Sending you a virtual hug! I feel joyful that the message connected with you, and that it came to you at the right moment, because that’s primarily my intention for building this site. 

    Perhaps you are invited to meditate soon, or your me-time is about to come. Construction work shall pass, very soon! I hope you could finally get the breather you deserve. 

    You are right–communication with the universe is an ongoing process, and that’s what makes it more fun to live on earth! Once again, thank you for dropping by, and I wish you well.

    Love and light, 


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