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– Summary –

Oracle: Exchanging Gifts
Your current energy: rest mode
Your person’s energy: enthusiastic


  • Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. If it doesn’t resonate at all, it’s okay. This Aries love today reading may be for another Aries-born individual, and next Saturday’s message is the one for you.
  • I physically shuffle and take the jump cards. My daily love oracle readings are done intuitively.
  • Time is fluid. You may pick up spiritual messages here, because it is exactly what you need to hear today. For more guidance, you may like to see today’s three card tarot spread (it’s free!)
  • Energies of cards can be interchangeable, and not gender-specific
  • “Your person” (card on right) could be the person: you’re romantically involved with, on your mind, eyeing to date, or coming towards you. This could also be a friend (and they may need you right now).
  • Allow the cards to speak to you too. Answers always come if we’re open.

I bow down to the light in you. Thank you for visiting! /highfive!

Aries love today reading

Aries love today - 11142020

In deep contemplation–this is your current energy. You could be taking a breather from the situation, if you’re encountering a romantic hurdle. However, if you are single, this energy signifies that you are ready to come out in the open. Perhaps energetically you are preparing to be the best version of yourself. That is high vibes, and it makes you more attractive.

You could be in that regeneration mode, but your energies are starting to send the message to the universe that you are getting ready. Aries-born individuals love to initiate, and it’s beautiful.

The person you’re dealing with appears to be an overly enthusiastic person. Their energies are all over the place and they run the risk of depleting their own resources. While it could be superficiality or perkiness, their energy complements your current calm and collected vibe.

Aries love today guidance

Aries love today - 11142020

Fair energy exchange, win-win, equal power relations–these are the fitting phrases to describe your current situation. There seems to be a yin-yang around both energies right now, and it may be positively working for you.

This is not a time to do, do, do, Oracle says, and it seems like you have figured that out instantly. You know how to use your energy wisely (rest mode), and it is such a fitting move to bring that harmony between you and your person.

Everything comes with a cost, and it’s the law of the universe. You are working towards being in alignment with your desires, or creating that identity that will attract the right person or circumstances for you.

Does this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below! You are loved!

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