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Your free Cancer love tarot reading for May 2021 summary:

Oracle: I can’t always expect the truth from others, but I can expect it from myself | Energies: breaking down; impatience

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Cancer Love Tarot - HONESTY (Soul Journey Oracle)

You don’t want your ego (or okay, feelings) to be hurt, but sometimes the universe needs to slap you so hard for that much-needed reality check. You know deep down in your heart whether something still is healthy for you, or something is serving your highest good. Spirit invites you to be honest about identifying your own battles.

The only time you must be absolutely truthful is when you are addressing yourself, Oracle says. How are you fighting for your own authentic truth? In what ways are you trying to deny or hide something from yourself? Is there something in your life that is no longer working for you but you refuse to accept the reality of the situation? How can you be honest about acknowledging your fears?

People come to our lives to teach us lessons so that we can help our souls to evolve. When we choose to get stuck in a situation, we deny ourselves the ability to experience and learn something new. When there is nothing more to learn, you rise to the top. The danger to that is that it absolutely feels lonely there. When we try out something new (that includes getting hurt), we get equipped for more lessons ahead.

So dear Cancer, what needs to resurface right now so that you can face it with full honesty? Once you identify this, it would be easier for you to bring it behind you, and then you can say yes to the magic of new beginnings.


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