How to Make Crystal Healing Elixirs in 1 Minute

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Crystal healing elixirs are powerful potions for therapeutic or healing purposes. These are potent essences from both natural sources: crystals and plants. While there are widely available crystal healing elixirs out there, it’s either they are too expensive or overrated. Here, I will show you how I make my own crystal elixirs, the no-frills way. This works best for those with “no time,” on a low budget, and hates complicated stuff. 

Self-care is essential, and it shouldn’t feel like it strips off a large chunk of time and money from you. You can even sell these and start your own wellness business. 

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4 ingredients to make crystal healing elixirs

crystal chipsroller bottlecarrier oilessential oil

1) Crystal chips

Don’t purchase everything right away. Start with your intention (see #1), especially if you just want to try it out. Intention precedes the type of crystal chips and essential oils you will buy.

2) 5 or 10 ml roller bottle (crystal roller ball, optional)

3) Carrier oil 

4) Essential oils of your choice

Make crystal healing elixirs in no time!

If you have all your materials ready, this is just like throwing in your fruits inside the blender, and blend away. 

The large chunk of the creation is the preparation. You will have to cleanse your crystals prior and clean your roller bottles. I boil my bottles, but it can be as easy as using dishwashing soap and water, like what you see in this video:

1. Chips first: Sprinkle it like glitters

I put in the chips first because I visualize my intention as I pour in the oils, and see it occupy space with the crystal chips. The crystal are my ‘main cast’ in this regard.

Intention or purpose is necessary to make crystal healing elixirs. Just like in perfume-making and in choosing your go-to essential oils, start with how you would want to feel, or which chakra you wish to work on. Bergamot, for example, smells like a baby cologne, so you may not want to use it if you want to relax. 

How do I set the intention?

Put your crystal chips on your hands, or hold the crystal chips bottle

For example, when I wish to work on an Amethyst, I place the bottle in between my eyebrows (Third Eye Chakra point) and say, 

May I harness my intuition through this crystal. May it help me gain access to wisdom for my highest good.

If I want to feel relaxation, I set the intention that may it bring me relaxation, and through it may I be given clarity. 

Essentially, it’s like praying over your crystals, and articulating how you would want to receive help from the universe through them. They emit vibrations invisible to the eye, and these are the vibrations you would want to work with.

What will make your elixir extremely potent is not the crystals nor the essentials oils (talk about placebo), it is your intention. And I’ll share how else I do it on the last step.

What type of crystals should I use for my crystal healing elixir?

Usually the crystal color is your clue to which energy center you would want to work on. These energy centers are called the chakras. If you want to learn more about chakras, I made a diagram that you can find in my Reiki energy healing post. If you wish to have an almost-personal, Zodiac-related concoction, I have written a know-your-distinct-trait-and-work-with-it post that you can check out here

Do not be obsessed in choosing a crystal. Why? Because not all crystals are available in chips. Sometimes you would have to choose among a limited variety. The common (and perhaps the only available) ones are:

crystal chips
crystal chips options

I put in the crystals and I allow it occupy around 1 cm or 1/4 of the bottle. You can add if it need be. I like 3/4 oils and 1/4 crystals. But of course you can do it, 50-50. You can even purchase a roller bottle complete with the crystals inside.

2. Pour that oil: Explore and be intuitive!

As long as you do your research about the essential oil seller, it doesn’t have to be doTerra or Young Living. I repeat, it doesn’t have to be from those big MLM companies named Young Living or doTerra. 

I’m not saying to not use the two, because they’re amazing brands, but I’m just saying that unpopular brands aren’t inferior than these two. All essential oils came from plants. For example, if you live in a tropical country, why get a coconut oil from doTerra? Their coconuts are the same as your coconuts, yours could even be better. Think about that. Also, I encourage you to use discretion.

Ask the seller, check out their website, or check out the reviews. You will actually see how they care about their customers just by how mindful they are both in production and marketing.

Exploration is the key towards finding what works best for you. Besides having the intention to offer you cheap ways to raise your quality of life through these elixirs, the moment you start out with expensive brands, you might be closing off your doors to the magic of other brands! 

Types of carrier oils: Explore!

It is best to use cold-pressed oils because it retains the potency of the original source that can be lost when they undergo heat treatment. See the benefits of the commonly used carrier oils below:

carrier oils

Essential oils are potent and pure, so you need to dilute it for it to be gentle on your skin. Hence the need for a carrier oil. 

Personally, carrier oils all look the same to me. Their skin benefits and properties are just add-ons. For example, I want to be revitalized by my Carnelian blend but at the same time I want it to work for my acne, so I use Safflower as my carrier oil. 

I’ve read countless blogs on each carrier oils’ benefits. While they are all consistent about Grapeseed oil as best for acne, it does not work for me. Even the popular brands triggered my acne all the more. And so that explains why I am a huge proponent of exploring what’s best for you. Even in concocting your elixir. 

With that being said, you may follow the general essential oils dilution guide below. You may put in the essential oils first using the guide below, and pour in your carrier oil until you reach the brim of the bottle. 

EO dilution guide
Be intuitive in pouring your oils

I work intuitively, starting with 5%. Sometimes I end up in 25%. 

I pour in the carrier oil first. I count 30 drops or until it goes half of the bottle. And then I add 10-15 drops of my main scent. Lavender and Peppermint are my go-to main scents, because my intention for making my own crystal healing elixirs is always relaxation.

Then it’s up to you if you wish to add more of the carrier oil of your choice, or add more of your favorite essential oils. You can also add more crystal chips as you wish, until it reaches the brim of the bottle.

You can use The Essential Life – Oil Guide app ($6/year), or have your own reference book (see top picks below) to learn more about essential oils and their benefits. An EO bible is both an energy and time saver.

3. Cover with a gem roller ball

The gem roller is optional, but usually gem rollers can help in amplifying the intention. Moreover, they can be easily applied to skin than plastic. Metal roller balls are better than plastic ones too, because plastic gets stuck sometimes. 

4. How to make your elixir extra potent

I imprint my roller bottle with a Reiki power symbol, the cho ku rei, to infuse the intention I set, just like in the first step. Then I gently shake the elixir after I state my intention, just like a closing ritual for any energy cleansing or space clearing ritual. 

Please note that Reiki symbols only function if you are attuned to level 2. If you wish to get started with Reiki, you may learn it here.

How to power-infuse your elixir without Reiki

Imagine the drops of the carrier oil as a white light. Imagine it as a cleansing light, and then state your intention as you complete the 50-60 drops of carrier oil sharing space with your crystals inside that 10 ml bottle. 

Try this!

Here is my own recipe for manifestation, which I programmed for success and prosperity. Learn more about manifestation here and how to be successful in life through this blog post. These crystal elixirs are not just for healing, because you can absolutely (I highly recommend for you to do so) concoct your own to empower your intention to manifest and be succesful.

Success in a Bottle


Feel free to click on the images below for the cheap materials you’ll need

crystal chipsroller bottlecarrier oilessential oil

Or you can just purchase a ready-made bottle with crystal chips:

And then, follow this video for a quick guide to put them all together (follow your intuition!):

Don’t forget:

The most important part is the intention: state it starting with, “May this crystal healing elixir…” and imagine a white light (think of Sun Goku’s power ball!) from your heart infusing all of your ingredients. Regardless of the process, don’t forget to add your unique vibe with it. Be playful and intuitive. Remember, there’s no fixed formula in this thing called life. Enjoy! 

Final product

Feel free to share your own process through the comments section below! /highfive!


Kate · September 17, 2020 at 12:43 am

I love a DIY or craft that also feels like a ritual or a spell! This is a great idea. And the fragrance will remind you of your intention all day!

    A · September 17, 2020 at 12:48 am

    Hi Kate! Thank you so much for dropping by! Thank you for that lovely energy! I so agree with you. I apply this when I feel like it, any time of the day. 🙂

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