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How to raise your vibration is working on being your optimal self. High vibes results to success, happiness, and a life full of loving connections. High vibes folks always feel good, and they find it easy to attract everything that feels right for them. Whatever high vibes means to you, it is precisely attainable. 

I wouldn’t lie: how to raise your vibration requires work. It is also an “inside job”. Living a life that you want may be a long, tedious journey, and at most, it would give the illusion that you are not doing it right. And then you begin to second guess yourself, thinking that what you want in life is not for you. While it is a journey that is uniquely yours, I will share below 5 ways on how to raise your vibration instantly, just like turning a light switch on. This is not to replace your own inner work, but are concrete and easy practices you can do to complement it.

If you don’t want any fancy diet, trendy exercise programs, or is simply intimidated by meditation (try this simulation), then this list is for you. 

1. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies

Alternative to: listening to your favorite music, meditation

How to Raise Your Vibration: Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies

Listening to your favorite music could be a quick fix, but listening to Solfeggio frequencies is a no-brainer high vibes tweak. You can heal and raise your vibration as you sleep. Listening to your favorite music allows your brain to do memory associations, and retrieval of positive emotions. Solfeggio frequencies, on the other hand, will do the work for you, without your mind’s active participation. I always listen to Solfeggio frequencies before a raffle, and I always get a prize, all the time.

What are Solfeggio frequencies?

An ancient 6-tone scale of electromagnetic frequencies, Solfeggio frequencies vibrate to transform spirit to matter, and vice versa. A quick google search will reveal a vast amount of information, including Dr. Horowitz’s popular description of it as a “healing code” (1999), and Siler’s (1956) argument that the French solfège is the best, as it is the “Latin” system of music as a communicative language. Healing is also possible with Solfeggio frequencies.

Your effortless alternative to meditation

Solfeggio frequencies is instrumental music. It exhibits simplistic but sustained notes, which attracts a transcendent experience. Similar to meditation, the sustained musical pitch of Solfeggio frequencies bring a sense of rhythm that invokes peace effortlessly. But unlike meditation, playing Solfeggio frequencies will not require any mind activity, as subtle listening is the only action required from you. Meditation is one of my habits, and I always play Solfeggio during sleep. Personally, it is reminiscent of the soulful vibrancy of mantras, like the “om”, which has been proven to bring mental relaxation. Our brains and DNA are receptive to music, and Solfeggio frequencies simulate an embodiment of meditation.  

If you want to develop a meditation habit at the same time explore Solfeggio, check out my review of the best meditation app in 2020.

2. Connect with your breath

How to raise your vibration - connect with your breath

We overlook the power of our breath. It is our life. Your connectedness with your breath is your connectedness with life.  

Wellness coaches and influencers will tell you to meditate, if you would ask about how to raise your vibration quickly. But others may not be ready to create a meditation practice, hence this article. I will briefly explain the relationship between meditation and breathwork, and how breathwork can raise your vibration.

How to raise your vibration through breathwork

Just as we see from #1, Solfeggio frequencies simulate sustained breaths. Sustained breaths induce relaxation. Same goes with meditation. Anchoring through breath brings stability. And your body will automatically drift to relaxation. Even when you lose focus during meditation, the only way to get back to it is through breath. 

Even in yoga, a vinyasa flow is one breath, one movement. As you work with your breath in movement, you will get the flow–you are flow. And being in flow is being high vibe.

Your breath is also your release

How to Raise your Vibration: connecting with heart space icon

When you are angry, you always hear the advice, “breathe deeply”. Why is this important? Because it grounds you. Do not underestimate the power of your breath to release anything unnecessary in your life. Lion breathing in yoga is cathartic, just like a breath of fire is transformational.

Your breath is our connection to life–we were born being gifted with it, and we die as it is taken away. We are just one of earth’s many inhabitants. There are forces far greater than us, and our existence depends on earth’s resources. Although quite philosophical, it is in the same vein that connecting with our breath reminds us of grounding. Our breath is symbolic of living life, until we come back to the source. Even if you lose all your senses, you connect with life through breath.

How to work with your breath

How to raise your vibration may simply mean to just live. But this step is all about my invitation to appreciate, and learn to work with your breath. Express gratitude to, and for it, as you wake up. Appreciate it now as you read this, because it is just too priceless nowadays. 

A simple therapeutic exercise would be: to count your breath. The length of the inhale will be the same as the length of the exhale. If you want to use it to battle insomnia, try holding your breath for 5 seconds while you tense (squeeze) all your muscles.

3. Create

Alternative to: painting, cooking, music composition (if you don’t know how)


This point has something to do with your passion. If you don’t know how to connect with your passion, maybe you can ask yourself: What brings you joy? What is it that you do everyday that makes you feel like a child again? 

Use your imagination today, and create anything. Everyone is born creative. Some people just don’t know how to tap into it. You may not have an eye for design, but you can draw. No knack in photography? Of course you can take photos. No one is asking you to make a lobster ravioli, but sure you can fry something for a loved one. 

Try this simple visualization

Let us work with our imagination! You are the protagonist in this story.

How to Raise Your Vibration Quickly - self love icon
  1. Come into a comfortable position (seated or lying down), then close your eyes
  2. Identify a heart’s desire, or imagine a life you wish to have
  3. Imagine yourself as if you have it, or already living it
  4. Tap into the feelings
  5. Remember these feelings and place it in a container
  6. Put #2 (scenario) inside the box, then pour in some #5 (feelings) inside 
  7. Use the most beautiful wrapper you can imagine to wrap your box, then write your name on it
  8. Surrender the box to a baggage counter
  9. You leave. Then open your eyes

Remember your container (#5)? You still have it with you in real life. Keep on accessing it when you feel like you’re losing hope about your dream. You may stay as long as you want per step.

There you go, you just created something today! /highfive!

4. Affirm

raising hand icon

Positive self-talk infuses your intention. This is where the “fake it, ’til you make it” saying comes in. As a Reiki practitioner, for example, we say each day: I/I am trust, peace, grateful, I work joyfully, and I am love.

The only way to create a potent outcome is to empower it. We cannot ask this from others, because if we do, we become co-dependent. Co-dependence is a betrayal of your own power, and betrayal of your own power means self-neglect. Self-love may be elusive to some, but the easiest way to nurture your self is to start with positive affirmations. For your practice, say, “I am loved, and I am enough.”

5. Just move

Alternative to: yoga, or any exercise program

Get in touch with nature 

If getting into the wilderness is not your thing, or you are not allowed yet to walk around your neighborhood, then just step outside, and stand by your doorstep. Stretch. Catch the sunrise, get some sunshine, and feel the fresh air in the morning. Sunshine is an instant mood lifter. And it’s free.

Observe the color of the sun. How does it look like? And what feelings does it give you? Then, appreciate it, and express gratitude. Express gratitude that you are awake, you can see it, you can smell the air.

Attach positive feelings with a visualization practice (even if it’s just daydreaming), and you are on your way to high vibes.

Clean or rearrange 

This could be a fun way to create. May it be sweeping dried leaves around your garden, or moving your patio chair to a different position, do it. Throwing out unused stuff would be best, but if you are not in the mood for it, a simple fixture rearrangement would do. The minimalist life may not be for some, but the idea of decluttering has something to do with how you work with your energies. We are all energies, and high vibes means balanced energies.

Cleaning makes you sweat, and sweating gives you a natural high. Decluttering may sound boring to you, but it does so much to your mind than to your body. But the best part is, it does good to both.

Decluttering is programming your subconscious that you let go of things that do not serve you. Therefore, you allot space for something new. Opening up to new beginnings is when magic actually happens. 

Final thoughts – Ready to Rock It!

How to Raise Your Vibration - karate chop icon

I have already discussed in what high vibes means, and I would like to reiterate that the main secret to raise your vibration is having positive feelings. To summarize, how to raise your vibration is:

intention + positive feelings = high vibes

Intention is the spark, while positive feelings is the electricity to create your optimal self. I have laid out the 5 ways to raise your vibration quickly. These are substitutes to the common (but could be expensive) ways to execute this formula. I hope you enjoyed this article as I enjoyed writing it! Always remember that above all else, the secrets of the universe are just within you. /highfive!

How about you? How do you raise your vibration? Please feel free to share it down below!

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Barbara McGinley · July 7, 2020 at 3:39 am

This a very interesting article. I really enjoyed it
It is great information. I honestly did not know of the vibration method of meditation.
I will have to look into it and see how it works for me because I do like using music for meditation.

All the best to you,

Barbara McGinley · July 7, 2020 at 3:48 am

This a very interesting article. I really enjoyed it.  It is great information. I honestly did not know of the vibration method of meditation. I liked the font you used for your headings. It was very unique and creative part of the article.

I also enjoyed the images you used, as they connected excellently with your topic.

I cannot really comment any further, as I am not familiar with the topic, but I did learn that it does exists and I will be to taking a closer look into it and see how it would work for me, because I do like using music for meditation.

All the best to you,

    A · July 7, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    Hi! Thank you Ms. Barbara for taking time to read it. I was hesitant about that font for it’s readability in the beginning, but so far it seems to connect well with readers. So I guess I will stick to it. 

    I really appreciate your feedback. I’m glad to share a few thoughts about it, and that someone enjoyed it.

    Much gratitude, and cheers to a wonderful meditation journey! 


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