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Leo love tarot

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Your free Leo love tarot reading for October 2023 summary:

Oracle: Can You Hear Me? | Current energy: torn and lonely

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Leo love: full reading

Leo love: Oracle message

Leo Love - Can You Hear Me?

You could be experiencing conflict with someone significant in your life, dear Leo. Possibly your own mother, mother-in-law, or another maternal figure. This person has played a nurturing role and has shown affection towards you. However, you have your own goals and passions that you want to pursue, which may lead to opposing views with this person.

For example, you may want to pursue a new career path or make a radical change that the other person doesn’t agree with. This conflict may also arise from decisions regarding raising a child or relocating.

Vast and seemingly unknowable, your feelings seem to surround you in an endless arc, Oracle says.

The Can You Hear Me? card is a sign of this seemingly endless battle with loneliness, if not depression. Moreover, you may feel alone in this battle and so you stay silent since you feel like you can carry on.

However, if you look at the card, she holds a shell, and in fact, she has a shell for her body as well. It is symbolic of communication. That means you have the capacity to turn passive silence into supportive communication, dear Leo.

Give yourself permission to receive help. Ask, and you shall receive. Your spirit guides would not know how to help you if you don’t ask for it.

What you can do

Despite the opinions of others, you feel empowered to take action and follow your own path. Spirit is telling you that you are ready to close one chapter and embark on something new, even if it means facing resistance from loved ones.

  1. Connect with your intuition. Your intuition is a powerful guiding force. Take time to connect with yourself and listen to that inner voice. If a particular path feels right to you, trust your instincts and have confidence in your decision.
  2. Own your power. Recognize that you have the ability to make choices that align with your own goals and passions. Embrace your power to create the life you envision for yourself, even if it means facing resistance from others.
  3. Practice compassion. While conflicts may arise, it’s important to approach them with compassion. Understand that others may have their own concerns and perspectives. Instead of engaging in heated arguments or hurting others with words, try to find understanding and communicate your thoughts and feelings calmly.
  4. Don’t forget about you. Consider your own well-being when making decisions. Reflect on what will bring you peace of mind and contribute to your personal growth. People often confuse self-love with selfishness. Self-love is plain saying yes to yourself.
  5. Practice boundary-setting. If conflicts become overwhelming or detrimental to your well-being, it may be necessary to establish boundaries. This could involve limiting interactions, seeking professional guidance, or creating a safe space for yourself. This entails saying no to situations that don’t spark your soul.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
9 of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Take some time to enjoy your financial gains. It might be an opportune time to splurge and treat yourself to something special. This card speaks to strong self-worth.

You are finding it difficult to imagine how you can be truly valuable. Your contributions and skills seem expendable, and your worth always feels negotiable.

Star Spinner back of card
Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

You or someone around you is a practical and evenhanded provider, adept at maintaining and distributing resources in efficient ways. You or someone around you is more than capable of caring for an entire network of people.

There is a lack of balance between professional and personal spheres of your life. You are overworked and drained from picking up everyone else’s slack, and this makes it difficult to be tactful with others.

Star Spinner back of card
3 of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Your collaborative relationships are in a very good place. Your work environment is healthy and that you are in harmony with your colleagues.

The quality of your collaborations is beginning to suffer. You must take some time to troubleshoot and figure out where the snags are in your complex network of projects.

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